Slang of Toreen

Pronunciation Key

= A =

Abkallu (ĀB-kal-lü) — advisor, vizir, wizard.
Abzu (AB-zhə) — limitless and endless subterranean waters
Adamu (ə-DÄ-mü) — “blood”; first peoples (Adapa is the first of the first; Anu’dyuga, Eme’dyuga, Galama, Enliida, Bulyaga, Utaubsyu); also referred to as Umegarik
Adapa Comes — prophesied end of the world with the return of the First of the First
Agashgi (ə-GÄSH-gē) — awkward
Agazuta (ä-gä-zü-tä) — “right behind you”
Aguba — (A-gü-bä) holy water
Aitzurra — (īT-zhu̇r-ä) The One Father, the Creator of All
Akheresheh — (äk-HĒR-ə-shə) the best available
Akkilli — (ak-KĒ-lē) ritual wailing
Ahlaladu — (ə-LÄ-lä-dü) expression of great joy or delight
Amailurra — (ə-Mī-lu̇r-rə) The Wife, the Mother, the Sustainer
Amatsuotome (ä-MÄT-sü-ō-tō-mā) — Eternal Princess of the Bea’txo, worshipped by Bea’txo day and night; assumed to be the most powerful sorceress in the world; reigns for 1001 years
Ankhiyo — (än-KĒ-yō) “all of creation”
Annunaki — (AN-nü-nä-kē) descendants of the Adamu
Anthill, the — Another name for the Hive Ward in old Salamport.
Areiystis (är-ā-YĒS-tēs) — long (north-to-south), thin (east-to-west) undeveloped continent east-southeast of Delim
Athyron’s Grip — High strength, especially grip strength. This also implies stubbornness.
Azadta’a Akrabomar Badtare — “worse than a hundred scorpions and snakes”: a treacherous person.
Azkaderra (äz-kä-DĀR-rä) — swift, fierce, and musical humanoid race created by the Bea’txo for their wars with the Umegarik. There are four known, large Azkaderra communities.

= B =

Back-Flapper — someone who reverses position, or tries to convince someone else to; turn coat
Bang — a narcotic
Bally — Crazy, silly, bizarre, obscure. “Bally sod!” The term is used more by upper class Cagers and high-ups than by your average tout or quipper. The latter tend to use sodding; bally is less crude.
Barkatu, baina ez zaitut ulertzen — “I’m sorry, but I do not understand you”
Barkle — Originally, nonsense, or something that would be laughably passed off as such. Recently, though, it has become a term used by skilters and Indeps for the psychological babble of those who do belong to a faction.
Barrikin — Chatter, shouts or shouting
Bauble — mixed metal coin, usually a silver-gold mixture also known as electrum
Be open to — Be wary, keep track of, stay on guard, keep your eyes open or peeled
Beat by the Monkeys — To be badly beaten by hoards of individually pathetic creatures. It is used commonly by fiends referring to fellow fiends who’re defeated by humanoids.
Bea’txo (BĒ-ä-chō) — graceful, long-lived humanoid race, rivals of the Umegarik, largely reside on the island-continent of Marit
Bemirta Kaasi Namordei — “die before someone else does!”
Biter — Anybody very short and very, very mean. Insult. “Don’t mess with Urdlen’s proxies. They’re vicious biters.”
Bite the Iron — To be murdered or slain in a vicious manner.
Biya Injaza Joon — “Come here. I want to talk to you.”
Bleed — An expression of distaste or disgust. “They’ve put me on Hive patrol? That bleeds!” Additionally, a bleeder is a reference to anyone the speaker dislikes. It’s also the name given to members of the Society of Pain, a Gehennan sect.
Blek (sometimes blex) — In polite company, faeces. Also, dirt, slime, sewage, or any other disgusting smelly material.
Bloodbath — A gathering of powerful high-ups and bloods, usually indicating that something dangerous or important is happening. Wise cutters avoid ‘em. Ambitious cutters seek ’em out.
Bloodcrow — A person who scavenges the battlefields, as in “The place was already full of bloodcrows when we arrived on the scene.”
Bloodlust — A romantic attraction to one of the less pleasant fiendish races
Bob up — To raise the price of something anticipating or during especially high demand of an item. Such as the following: "Zounds, ever since that last brawl broke out here, seems Akin’s been bobbing up the jink for his wares, ain’t he?"
Bolt, do the bolt — Run, flee the scene. “He saw the Hardheads coming and did the bolt.”
Bookburners — Derogatory name for the anti-intellectual poor, derived from their treatment of holy books and religious libraries.
Born with a sneer — Overly cynical, said by many a prime about all planars!
Branch Out — To use Yggdrasil as a means of travel.
Brick Beast — jail, Any very massive and ugly governmental building. “Timson just got scragged by the Hardheads; they’re taking him down to the brick beast!”
Bridle-cull — Highwayman, frontier bandit.
Bub-bawling — Phrase used to describe the screed that passes a bubbers lips when their tongues are loosened by the drink. As in “Stop your bub-bawling berk, the rotgut’s got a hold on your tongue.”
Bubbed till the pitchers’ empty — Very, very drunk. So drunk that the bubber’s actually sweating out the bub through their skin. A particularly common state of consciousness for the labourers at the Red Pony alehouse.
Barkley’s chance — No chance at all. “Between no chance and Barkley’s” is worse than no chance.

= C =

Cager — native to Port Zalamir; if one reside in old Salamport, and is not a citizen, they must have Imperial permission to leave.
Cagestruck — The expression of wonder and disorientation which newcomers to Salamport always exhibit.
Cake — An annoying irony. From the phrase “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Mostly used to refer to something sought after only to be found it’s useless.
Catch a skeg — Get a look: “If you catch a skeg at the pub, be sure to let me know.”
Chessboard, The — Another Name for the Forbidden City. So called because of the checkered marble floors common in nobles’ homes, and the political games played in court
Chet — intoxicated
Chete Chet — very intoxicated.
Clean as the Foundry — Used in reference to illegal or illicit goods and services. Often used sarcastically when a cross trading berk sells to a clueless crude.
Coal Biter — Native of The Black Ward. Not considered complimentary
Conduit Riding, Conduit Rider — navigating by following ley lines with magical senses
Coster — Stall holder in the Imperial Bazaar (particularly a food stall). Also costermonger.
Cross Piking — Realmwalking via natural ability
Crow Feeder — An executioner or assassin. Someone who kills for another.
Crude — someone who cannot pass into the Forbidden City, a non-Citizen
Cut his/her knees out — The act of humiliating someone who thinks they are high and mighty. Taken from the following occurrence: A prime elf doing an intricate sword dance and smirking; an ice mephit leaning down and shredding his legs below the knees with his breath.

= D =

Dhast Kaj — (Däst käj) “crooked hand”: a thief or dishonest person.
Dazzle — Magic, particularly that with a flashy effect. A dazzler is a wizard or spell-casting priest.
Deadman’s Tree — A term referring to any gallows.
Delim - largest continent in the world of Toreen; dominated by the Zalamiri Empire, but also Baerland and Maglion
Dhaste Khoda Seda -
- “father’s hand has no voice”, an unexpected punishment.
Diabol-Eight — the leaders of the eight major criminal gangs in old Salamport.
Diced — When a body takes a chance, she is said to have diced. You can also take a dice. “Lierna sure took a dice when she blitzed through that Hardhead patrol.”
Doughty Up — To dress up, disguise, or impersonate someone. “Doughty up as a tout and we can go bob some poor berk blind.”
Drape — To betray a body to the Hardheads. “Kig had better not drape me now that I’ve told him all about our plan.”
Dreamer — someone with fanciful, unrealistic plans; someone caught unaware
Dunyabetia (DÜN-yä-be-tē-ə) — anthropomorphized animal races now native to Areiytis; created by the Umegarik

= E =

Earn a Page or Earn a Book — To learn a valuable lesson. Most commonly used when a cutter picks up some dark without suffering too much for it.
Erdoji (ĀR-dō-zhē) — changeling race created by the Bea’txo to act as spies in their wars with th Umegarik
Eva Khabar — effeminate man

= F =

Faith-fool — term for holy men by non-believers
Feeding the Crows — Killing for hire. “I’ve just got a job feeding the crows for Trav’ll the Loan Shark. Seems he needs an example made of some berks.”
Fekir Kon — “can you imagine?”
Fekling — diminutive cousin of the Grugan
Fiend’s promise — A promise, begrudgingly made, likely to be twisted.
Flam — Idle stories, useless information: “Watch out for that tout Skorrig, He’ll fill your brain-box with flam.”
Foam, foaming, to foam — Disturbed, annoyed, angry, modelled after a rabid hound ‘foaming at the mouth’, eg. “That berks foaming, better swath him”.
Fold — Originally used to describe deliberate altering of anything. e.g.. “That folded map you bought ain’t worth the jink you paid for it.” Also, colloquially describes harm done to another being. e.g.. “The Painbringers sure folded that berk.”
For the Mazes — Absolutely and completely fed up. Meaning a blood would rather be in the Mazes than the position they’re in now. “I’m for the mazes if the merchant alliance sticks!”
Fourish — Stubborn, refusing to listen to new ideas: “Don’t be so sodding fourish!” From the close-minded Insensates, many of whom refuse to believe in the Rule of Sevens, pointing instead to the “fourishness” of their holy book.

= G =

Gannet — An indiscriminate eater, a glutton
Galbas — Spirit, moxie occasionally a reference to male anatomy. “Man, the way you stared down that pit fiend took real galbas.”
Gelt — Money, jink, usually referring to small change (greens, stingers and the like). It ain’t usually used for larger amounts.
Getting Boxed — killed, put into a coffin, put to rest
Ghazanfar (GĀ-zän-fär) — mentally challenged
Ghostwalking — Travelling to the Realm of Shadow
Giant’s Pace — Strong, cheap ale that can “kill a man at a giant’s pace.”
Gleaming pip — A worthless small-time thief or a pick-pocket. It’s considered an insult to both honest cutters and thieves who see themselves as a cut above the rest.
Glooming — Depressing: “There’s some real glooming news this week.”
Go Flip a Fork — This has the obvious meaning of “pike it” but also implies that the person who is being spoken to is immature and perhaps a bit bratty (the kind of person who would, in a crowded tavern, flip a fork just to cause trouble).
Go Hug Razorvine — Get lost!
Godswalk — a pilgrimage
Godvoid — The Black Ward, where there are no churches nor temples
Googooli (gü-GÜ-lē) — cute
Goozpich (GÜZ-pēsh) — to tease someone, aggravate
Gour — a place to relieve oneself in the streets
Grail — False information: “That addle-cove speaks nothing but grail.”
Grease — bribe money, or anything that can make a task easier
Green — foreign copper coin
Greenie — member of XXX
Grinner — a poor gambler, one who cannot lie
Groke, The — Elusive, not quite definable. Those who are dead or appear to have lost their memories and are otherwise unable to be identified
Grugan (GRÜ-gən) — two disparate-looking natives of Areiystis and Tulis with a common ancestry

= H =

Half-a-turn back — A while ago, long enough ago to be difficult to be precise, but still in recent memory. Typically used to describe anything that occurred much less than a turn or two ago. See also a Turn or Two.
Half Head — Not all there, a few bricks short of a wall, a half wit.
Happy as a Gorgon’s bride — In a very foul mood indeed. If you can’t work that one out, you’ve clearly not seen a gorgon!
Hardhead — A very unflattering way of referring to one of the Imperial Guard responsible for patrolling the city and enforcing laws; see “Painbringers”
Harja’i (HÄR-jə-ī) — streetwalker
Hende — An adjective meaning a real blood. “She’s the hendest thief this side of the Hive, and no mistake.” Unhende is conversely worse than addled, clueless and leatherheaded put together!
Hiquts Rill — wide, slow, river in southern tropical Areiystis.
Hithardes’ Pillar — The absolute limit of what’s plausible, “I’ve got nothing against what the Ravens do, but their screed about being dead already really is past Hithardes’ Pillar.”
Hotter than a Dragon’s breath — Being so angry that you want to put everybody nearby into the dead book.
Howl — Particularly loud or obnoxious rumours, especially from barmies: “Ah…don’t mind Drango. He gets a pot of bub in him and he always spouts the howl.”
Hustaiko (hü-STĪ-kō) — twisted gigantic humanoids; one of the Fallen races of the Umegarik

= I =

Idea-pot — Head, brain, or skull. Often used in vulgar comparison to chamber pots. “If you’d used your idea-pot instead of your cess-pot for once, we wouldn’t be in this mess!”
In Boxes and Pieces — killed, slaughtered, dismembered, other horrible ways to die
Inkareyi (ĒN-kä-rə-yē) — you know your stuff
Inker — An inker is one who records or reports events through writing; a tattoo artist
Insensates — group who believe in the divine power of simple maths and geometry; four is their holy number

= J =

Jangled up — Generally refers to the state of being both upset and confused, but can be used for either one of them alone for example, “I’m going to jangle him up a bit,” or “You look awfully jangled up.” It’s normally only used for relatively minor cases, and as such is sometimes be used to say that you’re in pretty good shape, given the circumstances, as in “I’m pretty jangled up, but I’ll live.”
Jark — A copy or forgery. A jarkman creates jarks, but so do leaf-binders.
Jark jink — Counterfeit coinage. “Watch that cross-trading costermonger close, cutter, he’ll slip you jark jink for change if you’re not peery.”
Jarkman — Forger.
Jaw Dice — Teeth.
Jester — A slick thief, spy, or other rogue that constantly gives authorities the laugh. Beringe, the Anarchist, for one.
Jinglings — Coin purse “You best keep your jinglings close, berk, if you plan on going to the bazaar.”
Jinkflip — A moneychanger.
Jink-monger — A disreputable money lender. This term is considered a serious insult to honest bankers (if there is such a thing).
Jinkscore — Often used to refer to large hordes of jink, or places to find jink. “That blaster’s a real jinkscore.”
Jinkskirt or jinkshirt — A prostitute. The term refers both to the price such bashers can be had for, and to their habit of jinking their skirts up or unbuttoning their shirts to attract customers. There are further variations: a greenshirt is the lowest kind of male streetwalker and a mertskirt is a high-priced, doxy.
Jinkster — A person welches on a debt, a cheater.
Jinx — foreign gold coin
Jumping out the Window — an act of desperation
Junk-jinker, jinker — A peddler who deals in cheap merchandise or trinkets. This term is considered offensive to merchants and traders of finer goods.

= K =

Kambral — broad, stocky race of inventive humanoids native to the Crown of Dorodan region in Tulis
Kartuus — home continent of the Umegarik, northwest of Delim.
Keeper — A notable piece of information. “Hey Blood, What’s the keeper on that tavern?” “A pit fiend frequents it, and he don’t like tieflings”
Kalaf Sangin — gangster
Kiss the Dust — Falling down.
Kithayeen (kith-ə-YĒN) — desert-dwelling mutated humnaoid race with 4 arms; cousings of the Lukar’r.
Kobold King — One who thinks he’s an important blood, but is actually not
Kutsa’atu — powerful, resilient humanoid race created by the Umegarik. Can cross-breed with Meseidiaren and Umegarik. The Kutsa’atu are banished from the Living Realm, living in restless discontent in other, more savage realms.

= L =

Ladies in Waiting — an all-female unit within the Imperial Guard that act as clandestine operatives
Lady’s Grace — Hello, good day.
Lady’s Word — Like ’mum’s the word’, with a darker connotation. It implies secrecy, conspiracy, but with a twist: To break the Lady’s word is to write your own name into the Dead Book.
Ladywatcher — A berk doing something especially foolish, likely to get them put in the Dead Book.
Lathly — Terribly, terribly, ugly. So ugly that even a fiend would be scared.
Laugh, The — someone on the verge of losing their mind
Leaf-binders — Bookbinders or scribes. Quite a common term in the Clerk’s Ward.
Leafer — A tome or book. More specifically, an old or particularly boring book. “Hey, cutter, flip through this leafer and you might find that spell you’re looking for.” Originally used to describe spellbooks, now just a generalised term.
Lemon — visitor, tourist, yokel, bumpkin
Lifted — Promoted through faction ranks, or, more formally, made a proxy. Example: “Sarin just lifted me. Guess who’s your new boss?”
Little Ring — the Circle of Splendors in the Forbidden City
Living book — A blood, or someone with a lot of darks stashed away in his bone-box.
‘Loth — Yugoloth, but might also refer to a Deroloth, Necroloth, etc.; natives of the Realm of Shadow
Lovelorn — Someone who is romantically inclined toward someone of different race.
Lukar’r — high mountain and arctic dwelling cousins of the Kithayeen. Mutated humanoids.

= M =

Mahdar Jehnda — “your mother was a (cheap) whore.”
Maniarch — unpredictable superior. From ‘hierarch’ and ‘maniac’.
Marionette — Any berk who deals with a ‘loth – because of their fame as manipulators.
Marit — island-continent home of the Bea’txo and a remnant Azkaderra community
Melt — Spend: “Let’s go and melt some serious jink!”
Merchants’ Martyr — A hapless stooge, a cony who’s just been caught.
Meseidiaren (mə-sä-dē-ÄR-ən) — curious, adaptable humanoid race that dominates the continent of Delim, and is just beginning to colonize Areiystis
Mercur — frequently changing sides or turning stag.
Mert — foreign platinum coin
Mibix — translated loosely as ‘unpalatable rubbish’, e.g.: “You expect me to eat this mibix?”
Milk — robust, cheap alcoholic drink given to slaves to keep them docile at night and replenish nutrients
Mimic — Someone who mindlessly repeats whatever he is told.
Mindless — someone who has their free will taken via magical, chemical or physical means; “I think you hit him too hard. He’s just mindless now.”; someone duped too easily
Mindnick — A derogatory term for someone using magic to access someone’s mind
Mofangi — drug addict

= N =

Nark, narky — To become angry or annoyed, to direct anger at a person. “He’s gonna get narky if you tell him that’ or ’he got real narky at me when I told him.”
Newt — Anything reptilian or amphibian in appearance, or smelling like such
Ninny-chanter — An insulting reference to a wizard.
Not for all the jink in Shur Rock — No way, never.
Not the shadow of a shade — Morally and politically immaculate.

= O =

Oi — Attention grabbing greeting. E.g. “Oi! You there! Stop!” Hardhead to fleeing tiefling thief.
Old Metal-Head — A very unflattering way of referring to an officer of the Imperial Guard responsible for patrolling the city and enforcing laws; see “Painbringers”
Onakhim — the second people

= P =

Painbringers - the Imperial Guard responsible for patrolling the city and enforcing laws
Parochial God -
A power or charlatan with a small, regional cult of worshipers
Peal — Yet another term for the chant. Most commonly used when in regards to snitching. Verbal use: “He’ll peal alright.” Noun: “OK, Geld. We know you got the peal on him!”
Penny-gush — Exaggerated stories or tales, especially if written: “That piece about the Anarchists was just cheap penny-gush.”
Pick(ing) the Purse — When some high-up shares the dark, he’s picking the purse. This comes from the idea that if someone steals an important bit of knowledge, and he shares it, he’s robbing the owner of it’s secrecy, and in essence, picking his purse.
Piece of Cake — A piece of chant that’s very misleading. “Hey, I heard there’s a jinkscore down that alley.” The alley leads to an angry Tanar’ri. “You’ve been given a piece of cake, sod.”
Pincher — Hardhead or some other over-zealous scragger of sods.
Playing Mimir — An informant or plant within an organisation. “I was followed here, but I managed to lose ‘em. I think someone’s playing mimir in our cell.”
Post-monger — A cutter who’s well-lanned when it comes to the cross-trade, specifically fences, knights of the post, fraudsters and other shady cony-catchers. Also post-mongering, to possess these ‘qualities’.
Poppatik’ E’man — to bugger
Powder — Any narcotic or drug sold on the streets
Prod — Troublemaker; a real pain in the neck.
Purgatories — the outer limits of the Empire. worse than exile

= Q =

Quipper — Slang for a beggar. There’s a whole bloody guild of quippers in Old Town, and they’re one of the best sources of information in the Cage. Why? No one thinks to shut their bone box around a beggar, and no one’s poor enough not to be able to afford to garnish ’em well.

= R =

Raising the Flag — To draw attention, desired or not, to oneself; make one’s intentions known
Ravens — holy men of XXX who wear only black
Razorwine — Any extremely potent alcoholic beverage, no less than 100 proof. “Hey cutter, you’ve got to go try the taps at Mudder MacRee’s! She only serves razorwine!”
Realm — Property that belongs strictly to one person or group. Ex: “That jink’s the realm of the Fated now!”
Rig — A plan – i.e. “Here’s the rig”, meaning: “This is the plan.”
Ringwalker — a tourist to Zalamir.
Roosters — The night watch, those on watch at dawn
Rorty — Strong, vigorous, though the meaning changes according to the context: thus a rorty bloke is a real blood, a rorty toff is a basher pretending to be a blood.
Rotters — Derogatory name for jailers or slavers.
Rounder — a good, calm gambler
Rule of Fives — simple-minded way of thinking
Rule of Sevens — seeing clearly, a way of thinking taking all factors into account
Rule of 1001 — overly complicated, crack pot
Rum — Excellent, great: “Rum news about the tax on bub being cut!”
Running a Black One — Utter hatred towards a berk, which always means wanting to put someone in the dead-book. An example of this might be: “He’s really running a black one since you turned stag on the sod and the Hardheads scragged him. I’d go on an extended vacation to Arcadia when he gets out of prison if I were you.”
Running a Green One — To be envious of someone.
Running a Red One — Holding a serious grudge. As in “Ever since I beat him at dice he’s been running a red one against me”.
Rust, rustle — Cant slang for the classic 4-letter Anglo-Saxonism. its meaning among Sinker has been perverted to being an enviable quality rather than an obscenity.
Rustler — A blood on the make; a stud. Usually used by single cutters in the company of same. “You rorty rustler, you! I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time down at Fast Mary’s House of Negotiable Affection!”

= S =

Sailing Into the Wind— A plan or endeavour that would by its very nature would attract extremely strong opposition.
Scar — Slang expression used widely, with no particular meaning. This only makes it more useful as a catch-all obscenity. For example: “Get your sodding scar over here, berk!”; “Judge Gabberslug? What an addled, fat, old scar!”; or simply “Shut yer scar!”
Scrape — Damning information that can be used to bribe or blackmail, especially a high up.
Scragged, Dragged and Swallowed — To be arrested, tried and convicted of something. It is often used as a threat as in “If you don’t shut your sodding bone-box, I’ll have you scragged, dragged and swallowed before you can tumble to it.”
Screamer — Alarmist, one who is prone to exaggerating news, seller of newspapers
Scribblers — a bureaucrat, clerk, academic, someone doesn’t perform physical labor
Scribe of the Dead Book — An assassin or hired killer, somebody who makes a living killing others for profit.
Scriber — An assassin or hired killer
Score Some Cake — Most often used to refer to large scores of jink that turn out to be useless, or hazardous in some way, shape, or form. i.e. Scoring some jink off a traveler only to find it’s fool’s gold. “He just scored some cake.”
Scrub — To beat or torture mercilessly. “That berk’s gonna get a serious scrubbin’ if the Hardheads catch ’em.” Furthermore, a torturer can be called a scrubber, and conversely, the one who is the victim is called a scrub.
Senseless — Sensate insult for a Dustman. Related to numbness, it is more commonly used for those Dustmen closer to True Death. As such, a small number of Dustmen who still have lingering emotion consider the term an ironic compliment.
Sent to Vindgleum — To ostracize a person or ignore them.
Serenade — Noun: a confession obtained through torture or intimidation which directs blame to an innocent individual. Verb: to testify under torture or intimidation of the guilt that an innocent man is guilty.
Shamblers — A term used to describe the undead.
Shed — A verb meaning to tell or inform. “Be careful, berk, that ’loth’s not shedding the total dark.”
Shell, The — The Prime World of Mystara, so called because it’s said to be hollow.
Shout — The casting of highly damaging combat spells: “Watch out for the spellslinger, if he shouts we’ll all be put in the dead book!”
Shuttered World, The — The Forbidden City, Imp Town
Sickness, also To have the Sickness, To be Sick — Someone who is sick is rich to have the sickness is to be rich. This comes from rhyming slang: Sickness and health = wealth.
Sign of None — The unknown or unknowable
Siren — Anything that is overly loud, annoying, or, most often, both. Example: “Give that siren beggar a few greens to make him bar that yelling.”
Sixes — members of a group without a leader
Skag — A normal berk that gives or sells information, usually under pressure. “We squeezed some skag for the dark on the Painbringers.”
Skiff — A really ratty kip. A crappy living place or establishment — in other words, most of the Hive’s buildings are skiffs.
Skilter -
Skin a razor -
Drive a hard bargain: “That sodding merchant really skinned my razor!”
Skinned — Someone who makes a bad contract, particularly with a fiend.
Slaad-story — An unlikely tale: “Don’t try and bob me with one of your slaad-stories, berk!”
Softhead — This is an insult rarely used against any ‘cept the Hardheads. Generally, it means that a person is unfit for their rank, or they are just plain stupid.
Soot-Fountains, Ash-Fountains, Smoke-Fountains — Any one of the many factories and smitheries in the Black Ward, called this by their tendency to spout soot, ash, and smoke into the Zalamiri sky. The term is sometimes used to mean other factories and smitheries in other places, although the word originated in old Port Zalamir.
Sparkle stick — A magical wand.
Spellslinger — wizard specializing in flashy, damaging combat spells
Spike — A well-made weapon in the hands of the unskilled. Often used sarcastically by foes "What ya gonna do, stick me wit dat ’spike’ o’ yours? Ha ha ha!"
Spireclimber — Someone trying an insane or impossible task. “That spireclimber wants to kill all the fiends!”
Split the bean — To be miserly. Also a rather offensive way to indicate that a former blood has upped and joined a money-grabbing establishment. One who has split the bean is known as a bean-splitter. It can also be used to indicate that a cutter has absconded without paying their due. “Slugwort? He split the Bean, the Slaad-toothed Stagmeister.”
Spoonbender — a charlatan pretending to have magical powers. So named for the popular parlour trick of pretending to bend spoons through telekinesis. Often used in a derogatory manner: “I thought he was a top-shelf mage, but he turned out to be a bloody spoonbender.”
Square — Honest, good, or good enough. “I’ll slip you that chant if the jink’s square.”
Squeezer — A tax collector (or anyone who takes money from generally unwilling people)
Sour — Sour lemons are visitors who’ve seen the cityin all its glory, and soured by the experience. They don’t like the place.
Stamped and Clamped — Official. “Looks like this warrant for your arrest is stamped and clamped, berk. Sorry.”
Sticks — Rhyming slang – Sticks and Stones = Bones. Uses often by the Painbringers about their punishment. “I snapped his sticks one by one.”
Stinger — foreign silver coin
Stitch — To shut someone up – e.g.. stitching their mouth closed so they can’t spill the dark. Use it like this: “Whisper the dark and you’ll find yourself stitched, berk!”
Stitch your Lips — An incredibly rude way to tell someone to pike it. To say “stitch your lips”, means that not only is what their saying now either inappropriate or stupid, but chances are anything coming out of their mouths in the future will be equally so.
Strange Egg — bizarre, unpredictable experience; something that provides such
Stretched to the Rakers — Exhausted beyond recovery, usually from prolonged exertion. “That last run from the ’loths has me stretch to the ’rakers.”
Stretch’em to the ’Rakers - Put your maximum effort into it. The full phrase, “Stretch your sails to the Keelrakers,” comes from a smuggler captain’s command to go to full sail while still in harbor.
- Chant that’s particularly interesting, or that is very popular talk around the city. “Got some hype stype” is a common use of this.
Swimmer - a body quickly dumped into a river, lake or harbor without preparation
Sure as Jink
- Certainly, I promise.
Swag, Swagger — Someone with an inflated ego. “Boy, that berk sure is a swagger, I hope someone cuts his knees out.”
Swob me bob! — An expression of surprise.

= T =

Ta’anshari — descendants of the Onakhim
Tag - Name or nickname. “How you are called” as opposed to one’s true name, which may be something one doesn’t wish known.
Take a Cakewalk
- Used to define something that is very easy to accomplish, but has disasterous effects — to cross a bridge that leads to a trapped door or an ambush is a cakewalk.
Talking Book — A learned person; a wise man; someone who won’t be quiet
Thrown to the Clocks - Overly harsh or unreasonable punishment: “Get caught plying the cross-trade in Imp Town and they’ll throw you to the clocks for sure.”
Tick [of the Gears] -
A short span of time; anywhere from a couple seconds to a few days. “It only took that lemon a tick or three to get used to the Cage!”
Tickled — Charged with magic, particularly Conjuring/Summoning magic. “The air was fair tickled by the mages.”
Tickler — Wizard, particularly an Elementalist. Refers to the tingling sensation of being summoned.
Ticklish — Someone who is unusually susceptible to magicks
Tool — Derogatory term for any berk being manipulated
Torqued (off) — Annoyed, angry, cross. ie. “Better watch out for that cornugon, cutter; when you doused the sod with holy water he looked really torqued off.”
Tree of Anguish — a semi-intelligent tree found in the Lower Realm of Anguish that feeds on both the blood and pain of its prey, held in place by twisting thorny branches
Trolley-womped — Crushed with great force; maybe in a stampede of manes, or perhaps run over by a Zalamiri sedan chair “Sorry I look such a wreck. I just got trolley-womped back there.”
Trying the Taps — Going drinking, usually in more than one location during the night, carousing.
Turn or two, A — A long, long time. This phrase refers to the very long turning-cycle of the gears of the Imperial Clock
Txortilari (tchōr-ti-LÄR-ē) — “one who mates with…”; fucker

= U =

Under the Lady’s Shadow — Bad, ill, evil-omened. “Ribcage has been under the Lady’s shadow since Lord Paracs became the high-up man.”
Unhende — An adjective meaning worse than addled, clueless and leather-headed all put together. “He’s the unhendest screed-screming bubber in the Hive.” Hende is conversely a real compliment to pay to any basher!

= V =

Void — Something completely without worth or redeeming features. Example: “That so-called ‘magic wand’ is just a void.”

= W =

Wagger — Gossip or information broker. “We check with all the waggers we could find, but the leather-heads didn’t have anything on the cult of dead powers.”
Waltzing with a whistler — To flirt with death.
Walking into the Lady’s shadow — To willingly or knowingly go to your death. Suicide.
Wasted — Bored, not doing or experiencing anything new
Waster — A person, thing, or event that is boring, or wastes time. Ex.: “Usually I enjoy Ambar’s concerts, but that one was a real waster.”
Watch the Spire — daydream
Where’s the War? — What’s the hurry? What’s happening?
Whipstitch — Murdering someone to keep them quiet. Based on of the slang, “stitch”, it’s given the connotation that whoever killed the victim was desperate but not too crafty, else the body wouldn’t have been found. “It must’ve gotten out that he was playing mimir to the Hardheads, cuz he was found whipstitched last night.”
Whispers — Dark chant, normally uttered in hushed tones. “To stare at the whispers” means to eaves-drop.
Whistler — a decoy, bait
Wonky — To be erotically, but non-violently, perverse
Word-monger — A basher especially prone to uttering screed, a tedious preacher or espouser or old-fashioned views.
Worms — Brains, smarts, intelligence. To say someone’s got worms is to imply they’re quite clever. “That blood’s got more worms in his brain-box than the Mount has haloes!”

= X =

Xaeax — To get drawn into useless circular logic from paradoxes, Unity of Rings, etc. Also, a general state of confusion resulting from mind games “He got all xaeaxed when he tried figure out if a ’loth was being straight with him.”

= Y =

Ya’u/Yah/Jah — The One Father
Yark, Yarking — Yark can mean someone who howls a lot of screed and usually believes it, “That bloody yark is full of slaad stories”, or the things a yark says, “The chant that the Lady is a prime is nothing but yark”. Also used is the term yarking, “Somebody shut that yarking addle-cove’s bone box!”
Yusqera — language of the Ta’anshari

= Z =

Zein da zure izena? — What is your name?
Zills — Audacity. Also, a slang word for testicles. “You had real zills punching that Hardhead in the zills, berk.”
Zip — Leave that for later. As in, “Zip the locked chest and help me stop this bleeding,” or “Zip the sodding orcs. We need to nick that mage.” Also can be used like “bar that” when Hardheads come knocking. “Zip it berk. You want to get us all scragged.”

Slang of Toreen

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