Meseidiaren – Meseidiaren possess exceptional drive and a great capacity to endure and expand, and as such are currently the dominant race in the world of Toreen. Their empires and nations are vast, sprawling things, and the citizens of these societies carve names for themselves with the strength of their sword arms and the power of their spells. They are best characterized by their diversity, and their cultures run the gamut from savage but honorable tribes to decadent, devil-worshiping noble families in the most cosmopolitan cities. Meseidiaren curiosity and ambition often triumph over their predilection for a sedentary lifestyle, and many leave their homes to explore the innumerable forgotten corners of the world or lead mighty armies to conquer their neighbors, simply because they can.

The Meseidiaren are the most populous and the dominant race of nearly all lands beyond Marit. The Kingdom of Zalamir dominates most of Delim, up and down the coast of the Cyclonic Ocean, including Salaam, Robinet, the Regal Islands, Vandemar, and edges of the Fushenti Desert. Neighboring lands such as Müchen still pay fealty to the Emperor in Salamport, but self-govern and do not benefit from the organizational wonder that is the Empire’s bureaucracy.

Zalamiri people are generally divided into two groups by appearance: the swarthy seafarers and traders from the south that have held the kingdom together for this long; and the fair-haired, laconic inland farmers who feed the kingdom. Many grains grow well inland, and with a number of calm bays and navigable rivers, much trade flows through the seaports. The Zalamiri Navy is unrivaled and has made the difference in too many wars to count.

Occupants of the southern Regal Islands call themselves Regals, and often claim due to their fine, fair features to be descendants of royalty, who often vacation here, Bea’txo, or Azkaderra . One cannot believe anything these silver-tongued debauchers have to say.

Vandemish peoples have lived on their land through floods, earthquakes, rise and fall of empires, barbarian attacks, and plague. These are a dark people with a dark sense of humor. The land of Vandemar is colder, rockier, and more exposed to the wild and dangerous creatures of northern Delim. They were subjugated by Zalamir originally almost by accident during a Zalamiri campaign against neighboring Baerland, and they remain part of the kingdom largely just to house troops watching the Baerian front. There are rare tribes among the Vandemish with a high number of white-blondes, and more often females. Among tribes other than their own, they will often be accused of witchcraft or worse.

The Great Fushenti Desert can be claimed by no nation, but the Bedine settlements along its edges acknowledge Zalamiri dominion in order to claim protection from the many dangers likely to erupt from the desert’s interior. These are a secretive and mystical people, with alien, angular features and darker skin. There are a number of ascetic monasteries and hidden colleges of magic along the desert’s edge.

Müchenwalders are an independent, standoffish folk, living in lush valleys surrounded by rich hills and mountains. They are distrustful of outsiders. usually those lacking the Müchen signature black to dark brown hair and brown eyes. They do grow excellent fruits and vegetables, and have a wealth of mineral resources that have only begun be mined. A number of Kambral have moved here in recent years to work the mines or as master smiths.

Reclusive Bea’txo-exiled lords have carved out Robinet within the Zalamiri Empire. The nobles’ Bea’txo tastes and sensibilities heavily influence the Robenesch people. Living in high mountain valleys, surrounded by Vandemar, Baerland, Müchen, and Salaam, the fair-haired and well-mannered Robenesch take an even-handed approach to dealing with everyone. Many Robenesch Bea’txo and serve as diplomats for various countries in foreign lands, except to Bea’txo itself, where they would be killed on sight if they were to attempt to return. No small number of knightly orders and mercenary bands maintain their headquarters in their largest city, Ouiton. Many fine dairy products come from Robinet.

Far to the south are the Sorrow Hills, a penal colony. They are a poor and paranoid people, quarrying cheap rocks for building materials elsewhere in the Empire. They have a large percentage of red-headed children here.

Zalamiri – Zalamiri Empire; sailors, merchants, bureaucrats; swarthy in the south and along coasts, fairer inland
Vandemish – northern, pale, dark hair and eyes, with certain villages favoring white-blonde and blue eyes
Baerian – northern, hairier, wilder, stocky; wide variety of coloration due to their raiding brides
Muchenwalder – not as dark as the Vandemish, with more browns and reds
Robinesh – claim outcast Bea’txo and Tumkayal blood; fair, tall, quick-witted, slender, creative
Regalias – claims of Bea’txo and Qi Simias blood; tall, dark skin, bright eyes, unpredictable hair
Bedine – alien, angular features and darker skin
Sorrowmen – mix, penal colony
Magliosh – east of Zalamir; ruddy skin tone, straight dark hair
Flenoush – island culture between Delim and Areiystis; Polynesian skin with dark-ruddy hair and brown eyes


(as “Human”, Advanced Race Guide, p.70)

+2 to One Ability Score: Meseidiaren characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
Meseidiaren : Meseidiaren are humanoids with the Meseidiaren subtype
Medium: Meseidiaren are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Meseidiaren have a base speed of 30 feet.
Bonus Feat: Meseidiaren select one extra feat at 1st level.
Skilled: Meseidiaren gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Languages: Meseidiaren begin play speaking Common and the language native to the region where they grew up.


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