Magic and Power

Power and “magic” in Toreen comes in many types. Arcane and divine magic both have their place in the world, and in the many Realms besides the one Realm of Man.

Arcane power flows through the world, from being to being, in rivulets, eventually forming rivers of powerful force to be manipulated by those with knowledge. Foci for that manipulation will follow in the form of purpose.

Mystical tattoos will form a link from that energy flow, to the body upon which it is drawn. Azkaderra and Kutsa’atu are famous for their infernally linked tattoos. Daggers may be used in blood rituals, hammers in the enhancement of tangible magical items, and the ubiquitous staff, properly crafted and attuned, would act as a mage’s catch-all focus.

In the case of divine power, it is a gifted flow from the source to the recipient, the minimal knowledge needed. A typical focus for this energy will be a symbol of that deity.

Manipulation of unseen forces by will, word, or divine grace is not for the faint of heart. The most powerful manipulators of these forces are the Bea’txo. they are natural arcane casters, and many have mastered Words of Power.

It is rumored that many of the inhuman residents of Areiystis are known to take power directly from the flesh of their fallen foes. No reliable source has been able to corroborate these tales.

Magic and Power

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