Tenjo-Kai heaved to contents of his stomach into the private piss pot that came with his cabin. The captain had told him that the sea would have a little “chop” on it today, but the motion of the ship on the waves had completely subdued the holy man and he quietly assured himself that this lesson would only make him appreciate the steadiness of solid ground all the more. He forced himself into a sitting position on his bunk and surveyed the meager contents of his cabin. Besides the bed, and the piss pot that he was still currently cradling, the only other things in his room were a plain desk, a chair, and a footlocker next to the bed.

Another wave lurched the ship and Tenjo forced back the queasiness that accompanied it. He gazed out the porthole and caught a glimpse of the stars in the night sky. He instantly calmed himself and estimated their position. The Gladiator chasing the Dragon was just coming into view on the horizon and he knew that they were only a day or two out from his destination. A day or two from solid ground. As he continued staring at the heavens, and continued to fight to keep his nausea at bay, he saw the growing darkness in the sky. The darkness was barely discernable, and only those trained at looking at the heavens would even notice it, but it was there, and getting larger. Tenjo knew that this meant that Adapa was getting closer to returning. “Too soon,” he thought, “It’s not his time yet.”

Tenjo peered back through the multitudes of lives that he had lived. He could plot the waning and waxing of the power of the gods as they continually shifted through history, and they formed a wave, much like the ones causing him to take refuge in his bed. The constant ebb and flow of this wave was smooth and proportionate. The powers of the Light and the Dark remaining balanced. It has been this way since the Fall of the First Men, and Adapa now threatened to break this cycle.

He stared out again at the night sky and just then he noticed that the Stag had entered the second pillars of the Lost City and he breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe he wouldn’t be too late. Apparently others were called to take up this fight and stop the early rise of Adapa. But if he wasn’t called here to stop him, then why? The Prophet was at his highest point tonight, and the Three Sisters bowed at his feet, and the Shepard had rejoined his flock. Could that be it? Was he being called to bring the Word to this fledgling colony? Whatever the reason, he knew that it was the start of something big. Something that would forever change night sky and the stories that it told.


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