The Book of Mengzhi - Field Notes

“…the lesser groundbird is so called due to my speculations that much larger relatives of the type may exist deeper in the jungle. Lesser groundbirds prey on insects, small mammals, and reptiles, using their beaks to kill their food. A larger species might be taller than a man, with a beak to put a battleaxe to shame, capable of tearing apart a grown man, chiefly for the nutrient rich protein synthesizing liver…”

“…the species is well named, having a curious attractiveness to it despite also being loud and excessively ill-tempered. The beauty of the plumage, elegance in flight, and slender symmetry of the features attract the eye despite the harshness of the notes of its song and its various unpleasant habits, including parasitic nesting. Yu-Chen’s Bower Bird will remove the eggs of the parent bird and replace them with its own, adding ostentatious decorations to the nest through use of its inborn prestidigitation powers. The original owner of the nest will do all the work of rearing the resulting chicks. The lesser groundbird seems to be its first choice in hosts…”

“…while the discovery of the lizard-men might explain the hissing speech observed on the night of -—, I maintain that only a race of snake men could produce the tracks that were discovered, unless perhaps it were a specimen of the lizard-men with a crippling case of leprosy…”

“The first treatment to the cloak seems to have failed; the tiger seems as attached to Yu-Chen as ever. As a matter of fact, I suspect that the mixture actually serves to attract the beast even further. More extensive inquiries will have to wait until a repellent for the beast is actually discovered, as the camp cannot handle much more of Yu-Chen’s fuming…”

The Book of Mengzhi - Field Notes

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