A sturdy Caravel, a sailing vessel with 3 masts of sails. 200-ton capacity.

Captain: Rehan Beiruni — comatose, dying
Quartermaster: Khitaya Rehani
Sailing Master: Pero Cabral — SICK, but recovered
Boatswain: Fadlan — DEAD, presumably by Zhenglunba
Carpenter: Liujian
Mate: Zhenglunba — DEAD, presumably by Fadlan

Other crew: 24 — 2 SICK (1 died, 1 recovered), 3 INJURED (Xao: broken ribs, died; ??: broken collarbone, recovered; ??: broken L arm, recovered), 2 MISSING, 3 DEAD

Carrying 30 colonists and 160 tons of supplies (including many specialty items, 20 tons destroyed)

Commander Carmen Duellos
Kiu Yu-Chen
Talis Mekdreba
Hirase Aika
Tubayek (old monk)
Gael, scribe — SICK
Karil, architect
Vorik, civil engineer
Markus, soldier
Mengzhi, scholar
master smith
master carpenter
master cooper — DEAD
Rolf, master farmer — SICK, but recovered
Tanja, the ad hoc healer
7 farming couples — 2 SICK, but recovered; 5 DEAD
Carbatkin, banker/merchant — INJURED (broken R leg), mending
specialist traveling with banker — DEAD (crushed by crated vault)
indentured muscle (grew up on a farm)
indentured muscle (apprenticed to a smith)
1 draft horse — DEAD (crushed by shifting cargo)

salted or dried meats
oatmeal, rice, beans, almonds, hard biscuits
dried fruit, jams
garlic, salt
wine, ale, water

cooper, blacksmith, farmer, engineer, explorer, carpenter, missionaries, mason

rope, lumber, nails, canvas, cloth, cart and wagon parts, string, crates, metal ingots, chalk, wax, paper, chickens, feed, coke, goats

seeds, farm implements, artisan’s tools, machetes, saws, axes, vault



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