shipwrecked Caravel


A shipwrecked Caravel

Captain: Mahiri Jubayr — missing left forearm
Quartermaster: Battuti Xaye
Sailing Master: Selwinnian Doeli
Boatswain: Caminha Alenquer — mangled left hand
Carpenter: Diogo — DEAD

Other crew: 18 — 1 SICK but recovered, 3 INJURED but recovered, 12 DEAD

Carrying 24 colonists and 150 tons of supplies

Ezpantu Dotriv (m) — bald, older than the others; quiet
Tobriska (f) — tall, toned, tattooed; aloof
Gronk (m) — massive, anvil-fisted, hirsute, badly-burned; paranoid
Lantish (m?) — very tall, androgynous; belled robes; shaken
Mirari (f) — sickly, scalp and facial burn; slight, bookish, with too dark gallows humor
Pantxike (f) — Breathtakingly beautiful; self-conscious
Ixaka (m) — Breathtakingly handsome, rakish facial scar; hovers

master smith — DEAD
master carpenter — middle-aged; was married to smith; missing lower left leg
master cooper (f) — carpenter’s daughter; glum
6 farming couples — 4 SICK but recovered, 2 INJURED but recovered, 6 DEAD
merchant (Ta’ankish Consortium) — INJURED but recovered
guard — DEAD

(21 total dead)



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