The Umegarik is the Bea’txo name for the now extinct Adamu. Adamu (uh-dah-moo) means “blood” and it is thought that it was through their blood they derived their power the One Father, Aitzurra. The word Adamu is not used in polite society.

The Umegarik are also referred to as the “First”, the “Progenitors”. they were the first peoples of which there is a written history. By legend there were originally seven (Adapa is the first of the first; Anu’dyuga, Eme’dyuga, Galama, Enliida, Bulyaga, Utaubsyu), but then “grew to One Thousand and One” and ruled the continent of Kartuus, north-west of Delim.

During their conflicts with the Bea’txo, some of the Umegarik created the Kutsa’atu, Hustaiko, Vihurritu, and Dunyabetia to carry out their battles elsewhere, while they could stay on Kartuus where their power was greatest.

What happened to the Umegarik is unknown, but it is suspected that a tremendous magical backlash killed at least two of the Seven, destroyed all life for scores of miles, and sundered the One Realm into the Realms of Many. This apocalypse is still felt today, with no sailor willing to go near that land, and anyone claiming to have been there, imprisoned or treated as a madman.

It is believed that Adapa still lives in a Far Realm where he was banished by Aitzurra, and his return has been prophesied.

When they were living in this realm, they took on many forms, many appearances. Those that remain dwell in the furthest realms, where the disfavor of the Father cannot sear them.


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