Send for Help

“Master Tubayek, would you help me write a letter?” asked Talis.

“Sure, young one. To whom do you want to write this letter?”

“To the Coronus of the Legion. I’m not sure how it should be formatted, and I am afraid that my request for help might be lost in how I go about asking.”

“Ah, and what would you have the Coronus do? Last I knew the Coronus was directly involved in dealing with the Feragus Directive. Perhaps, we should bring it to the attention of one of the Djon’Lhys and let them decide the best course of action.”

“Sure, though I’m not sure what a Djon’Lhys is? We need to make sure the Legion sends reinforcements.”

At this, Tubayek was brought back to his own earlier dark thoughts about whqat they had learned from Moccan then the other cat-people. Fear had arisen in his soul at the thought of what he must now do. He’d always known he’d be called upon by Lys to make the ultimate sacrifice. At least, now he was able to see the choice and be resigned in the need to safeguard Toreen a little while longer.

Talis saw a rare moment of panic on Tubayek’s face. “Talis. Forget this place. Only pain and desperation will you know if you follow this course of action into the temple. If you want to protect, work to turn everyone away from Areiystis.” He looked up at Talis from his weavings; looked her right in the eye. “Flee!”

Talis’ eyebrow raised in defiance. “I will not. Cannot. If pain is to be suffered, I will bear it.” And with each word, Tubayek could see Talis’ spine stiffen a little bit more. “If it’s that and desperation, fine. Bring it forth.”

Tubayek sighed in defeat, knowing he’d chosen the wrong tact again with the young one. Tubayek bowed his head.

Forgive me, Lys. She knows not of what she speaks. The more I speak of caution, the more galvanized she becomes. Maybe I have misled her. She can not possibly understand the depth of the threat.

Tubayek’s heart began to thump in panic with the fear he’d thought he’d been able to master. The Well was one of three major threats to the world. He’d learned, it may be the single biggest threat to all that lived on and within Toreen.

If the seals failed, or if others were able to find out how to get in and return from within, the world would return to the dark times of the Age of Power.

With a bow of his head, Talis knew Tubayek was beseeching Lys. She saw him shake his head and then begin to tremble, his hands shaking. She knew he was fighting against the overwhelming fear of darkness and doubt.

Talis reached out and touched his shoulder and with the touch, released her Nimbus of Light. “Be calm. Know peace.” An angelic choir rose up around her with a soft melody rising as if from a distance. And underneath that was a gentle building of thunder echoing in a long crescendo.

Tubayek started at touch, surprised by the brilliance and presence of Lys’s power through her. His breathing grew deeper, a loosening of his chest, the sharp spike of fear abated in as quick a moment as it had developed.

Perhaps there was some hope after all. She almost makes me believe that Toreen won’t be consumed by those imprisoned in the Well.

A moment of doubt flickered, once again, as he remembered the too-close threat, but then he heard the most beautiful of melodies when she gave him a reassuring smile and looked him deep in his eyes.

It’s time to believe, as well. As Reith told me, the True Power of Lys is wielded by her.

Tubayek nods his head, takes a deep, steadying breath. “Ok, Bringer Mekdreba. We have work to do, but first you want a letter written. Let me get my scroll case.”

Send for Help

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