New Salam

New Salam

Alignment: lawful neutral
Size: 5
Population: 116 in camp (20 Citizens)/46 on ship/4 across the river

Stability: +12
Economy: +14
Loyalty: +4
Unrest: +o (temporary; -4)
Defense: +2

Treasury: 23 build points (BP)
Consumption: 3
Special Resources: hardwoods, spices, fruits

Watchtower (Stability +1, Defense +2)
Sawmill (Stability +1; +1 BP per month)
Fishery ( -1 Consumption)
Farm (-1 Consumption)

Ruler: Vadik IV Zalamir (NA due to Viceroy)
Consort: VACANT
Councilor: Carbatkin ( +2 to Loyalty)
General: Major Lucat ( +2 to Stability)
Grand Diplomat: Liujian ( +1 to Stability)
High Priest: Guiomar and Helder ( +1 to Stability)
Magister: Yu-Chen ( +4 to Economy)
Marshal: Hirase ( +3 to Economy)
Royal Enforcer: VACANT
Spymaster: Friday ( +4 varies)
Treasurer: Gael the Scribe ( +3 to Economy)
Viceroy: Carmen Duellos ( +1 to Economy)
Warden: Bon Bon ( +1 Loyalty)


5 tons of metal ingots (2 iron, 1 steel, .3 cold iron, .3 silver, 1 copper, .2 tin, .1 zinc, .1 metalloids)
5 tons of cloth and thread
4 tons of tools
2 tons of wax
5 tons of machine parts

Adventuring Resources and Items

Colony Census

Arturian, Bea’txo merchant
Bon, laconic Dunyabetia shaman, former crewman on the Steadfast
© Commander Carmen Duellos, former sea captain turned colonial Viceroy (F)
Friday, Pymlion scout
© Galen Brewhorn — alchemist, brewer
Hirase Aika, laconic sharpshooter (F), guard
Jarvinia, card-slinging fortune teller (F)
“Jewel Raven”, sailor and fisherwoman, “Apo Manu Koraka Lā” (F)
Kalum Duskai, water bender
Kiu Yu-Chen, Bea’txo sorceress (F), fire lighter, pest control?
Moccan, Dunyabetia catfolk druid
Rebecca Skyes, catfolk cavalier (F)
Talis Mekdreba, holy warrior (F)
Ts’ao Hai, Bea’txo swashbuckler
© Zim Ommeera, magical researcher

© Carbatkin, banker/merchant, INJURED (broken R leg), mended
© Major Dagos Lucat, retired Zalamiri army officer
© Gael Tovash, scribe
© Karil Juariv, architect
Klato, indentured muscle to Carbatkin, grew up on a farm
Mengzhi, Bea’txo scholar
Noote, indentured muscle to Carbatkin, apprenticed to a smith
Rolf, brewer, married to Tanja
Shopik, “adventurer”
Tanja, healer, married to Rolf (F)
Tubayek, old monk of the Legion of Light, cooking
© Vorik, civil engineer
Xaxe, “adventurer”

© Adao Bene, master carpenter (died from snake bite)
Farbod Farbodi, master carpenter
Florica, fortune teller (F), gathering (did NOT return from gathering trip)
Mithra Parcella, assayer (F), guard, cooking
Nunzio, and Matiu Kelekolio, 2 leatherworkers (brothers, 1 other dead), guard
Peleki, rabble rouser, lumber, farming
© Qadisha Donag, master cooper (F)
© Taavetii, master smith
© Tadaashi and Zartoosht (F) Abaasi, engineer and explorer couple
© Vitoria Baciao, gemcutter (F), cooking
Guiomar and Helder, former farming couple*, now making soaps, perfumes, supervise gathering herbs and spices

Grim, Marten, and Davaros, 3 servants loyal to Arturian the Merchant
Pania (F) and Oliana (F), sisters, tailors, Flen
Madalena (F) and Carolina (F) Reiva, cousin weavers/rope makers
© Eduardo and Manuel LeVitre, father and son cobblers
Enrique and Desmon, 2 related masons who don’t seem to like each other
© Redon Funtar, master smith (fine work)
Famke (F) and Brahm, machinists from Vandemar#
Lars and Olaf, miners from Baerland
??, master potter
??, basket weaver
Aiono Sailele, bone carver, Flen
Jengi, dye and paint maker, gatherer (did NOT return from gathering trip)
??, glassblower
Samud and Richa Vitel, butcher and baker couple
© Yucel Bahad, gunsmith/alchemist, interested in Famke and Brahm
Guile and Lenok (F) and Canady, trapper and animal husband and candle maker/herbalist (respectively)##
© Fento Babar, Esq., barrister

13 fishers, 4 children###

Benebar and Mehrangi, farming couple**
Elham and Gheytana, farming couple
© Farad and Anasha, farming couple
Farokzhad and Jalani, farming couple
Gharoush and Kazema, farming couple
Kharoush and Homa, farming couple (Homa died during child birth)
Mahmoud and Aline, farming couple
Mauro and Micaela, farming couple
Mehdi and Bija, farming couple
Odilon and Sebastiao, farming couple***
Sharzhad and Mojabi, farming couple
Vrin and Dorotea, widower and widow farming couple, engaged to be married

Bwatiti, former crewman on the Steadfast crew, Flenish, cultivating fruit trees
Fausto, former crewman on the Constant, farming, guard (LEFT)
Felipinho, former crewman on the Fatima’s Mercy, lumber, farming
Iolanda, former crew-woman on the Reliant (F), gathering, laundry
Kiarash, former crewman on the Reliant, guard, lumber
Li, talkative former crewman on the Steadfast, guard (poorly)
Liujian, former carpenter of the Steadfast, Maglioshi (F)
Padim, former crewman on the Constant, rope and sail making, farming
Simao, former crewman on the Reliant, guard, farming
Upiri, former crew-woman on the Fatima’s Mercy (F), rope and sail making, clothing repair

ship of outcast Bea’txo, Azkaderra, and Flen, captained by Ts’ao Liu Fan, daughter of Ts’ao Hai (46 crew) ship is currently at sea “acquiring” goods for the colony


Anjis (F) and Stokil, 2 Kambral master smiths, look to be related, living on north bank of river

Battuti Xaye, former Quartermaster of the Constant (Regal, exotic, handsome, whip-smart, turns heads), counting and rationing, gathering, cooking
© Selwinnian Doeli, former Sailing Master of the Constant (Azkaderra, golden, pale blonde, androgynous, overconfident), guard


7 Azkaderra (Ezpantu Dotriv, Ixaka (F), Lantish, Mirari (F), Pantxike, Tobriska (F))

New Salam

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