Long ago, in the midst of a timeless nothing, Our Father awoke, as if from a dream. He was conscious and alone. He contemplated His Power and Knowledge, and decided to create a bride. And so was created Our Mother planet, Toreen.

To serve Toreen, He formed Karos the Guardian and Bensily the Handmaiden. And to light and keep warm his three charges, an eternal fire was lit amidst them, and the three never strayed from the circle of this warmth and light.

Long ago, before the Known Races tread upon Our Mother planet, Toreen, she was fertile and bore Our Father a brood of children to be the instrument of His Will. These were the First Children, the Progenitors of the Known Races. From them came all who speak, no matter their form.

The Progenitors were given everything they desired, and were soon spoiled by the gifts of Our Father. But the power of the Progenitors was too great, and they felt they did not need Our Father, and did forsake Him until a time when Our Mother planet, Toreen, gave birth for the second time.

The Second Born were quiet and studious and loyal, and soon found favor with Our Father, and the Progenitors retreated from His withering view, plotting against their favored siblings.

The Third Born were curious and emotional and short-lived, and they were embraced by the Progenitors as an ally in their struggle to gain the attention of Our Father. The emotions of these “Humans” made them likely pawns for the machinations of the Progenitors.

The Humans struggled to comprehend the enormity of the Power, Love and Wisdom of Our Father. But they did begin to worship that which they could comprehend, including many Progenitors.

While some Progenitors sought to rule over All, and others squandered the gifts given by Our Father, the Second Born took up a position of favored leadership, which did not suit the emotional Humans, and the manipulations of the worshipped Progenitors brought magical power to the Humans, who then dared to challenge their elders’ position. All of this bickering made Our Father unhappy, and he went away and began His Slumber.

It is said that for one thousand years the human Magocracy of Kartuus, backed by Progenitor mind-mages, and the Second Born’s Celestial Empire of Tsin Kao Lung waged the War of Eldritch Supremacy. All that lived upon Our Mother planet, Toreen, were in danger, and new forces were being created for the many battles to come.

The Refugees— Kambral

The Casualties—Grugan

The Separation came

The Fourth Born—Pymlion

The Last Born is yet to come, and the world shall be theirs until Our Mother planet, Toreen, is no more.


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