Many Kinds of Darkness

Talis reflected on what she’d seen. Yu-Chen used the power of light against her enemies. It was similar to when she’d witnessed Reith take down the Skylord in Dee-Go Reach, with one exception. She could channel the power using her voice. She was certainly special and someone Talis needed to protect. Yu-Chen could be the very key to vanquishing the darkness Tubayek spoke of.

“You there,” Yu-Chen said, waving a hand towards the tallest of her companions, the blonde woman who had destroyed the great scarred beast earlier, “attend me. This,” the Bea’txo tapped one of her chests with her foot, “must be moved over there, and then that on top; then we’ll need to go talk with Carbatkin about the metal we found on those rabid catfolk. Make haste; the time of the Magister is precious.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Talis immediately did what was asked.

“Ma’am, may I ask you a question?”
“I will permit it,” Yu-Chen said, her tone casually terse.
“I was wondering about the Light that you wielded earlier, during the fight with the Catmen. When did you begin using the Light in that way? Was it something that started after you were hurt? What happened? Have you fought Darkness before?”

Yu-Chen looked at the Mesdieriean with a sort of miffed contempt. These mayfly beings, so pressed for time, always needing answers and certainty, always needing it now.

“Hush.” She held up a hand imperiously. “That is enough. I will speak and answer, so that you may be enlightened to the Arcane mysteries. Pay attention; I will not repeat myself. I already have to do that with the Pymlion, poor thing.”

The shore was quiet later that night. Talis sat watching the moon move across the sky. Tubayek had talked about Darkness, and she thought that she’d be dealing with that, but she’d forgotten about loneliness. Out here, away from Reith and the rest of her friends, she needed to feel connected. Hirase hardly talked, Commander Duellos didn’t talk about anything other than business, the little man wanted his privacy to work with his poisons, and the Magister only ever talked with the scholar with any kind of friendliness.

She needed a team, people she could depend on, who knew they could depend on her. Otherwise, she feared she’d be overwhelmed by the darkness of loneliness and despair; definitely not the Darkness she had been convinced she was here to fight.

Many Kinds of Darkness

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