FGFE Vignettes


In chronological order

Talis’ Introduction in Flen: Talis gets introduced to the story.
Li and Bon Speculate: A couple of NPC’s share their views of the PC’s
Li and Bon Reflect on Events Leading to Running Aground on Duellos’ Bar: A couple sailors talking about the guy who gave the depth gauge on the starboard side
The Book of Mengzhi – Field Notes: Scholar Mengzhi’s observations about local flora and fauna.
Plans Done and Undone: Toughs make plans to make profit from the colony
Word Arrives at the Zalamiri Court: Word from the colony reaches the Emperor in an unusual way
Hunting for Trouble: Hirase and Talis Ponder Teamwork
Many Kinds of Darkness: Talis and Yu-Chen: Talis thinks Yu-Chen is pretty amazing and Yu-Chen agrees.
The Nature of Beginnings: Talis celebrates the Power of Light and Tubayek tries to prepare her for what’s to come.
Li and Bon Become Guardsmen for the Colony: Li and Bon are stranded while the Steadfast is at anchor and they’re convinced they’d be just the right kind of men to keep Westgate secure from the dangers of New Salam and the rest of Areiystis.
All Due Honors: Duellos pays her respects.
Wave of Fear: Ts’ao Hai and his followers find unexpected quarry, and discover a secret.
Send for Help: Talis convinces Tubayek to believe. A letter is written to the Legion of Light.
Waiting for Adapa: Meeting with the Azkaderra on the hill of the first stela; Mengzhi and Mirari make observations afterward.
Voices and the Sea: Ts’ao Hai goes on a seaside walk during a starry night.
A Respectable Inn: an opportunity for riches is presented to a Brandevish trade consortium
Creusa Discovered: The party of explorer’s stumbles into a delicate place.
Bury My Heart: Invading Dunyabetia forces General Lucat into an impossible decision.
Not What He Was Looking For: Hirase arrives back at the village with Bon and he finds something of interest.
A Nature Walk: Moccan practices his new-found ability to step between the Material and Nature Planes.
The Journal of Na’ Ta’abov, the Radiant: Galen and Mengzhi inspect the journal and find something unexpected.
The Cost of Shadows: Honor overrules good sense where Kambral are concerned.
Fortune’s Favor Lost: following the group’s first Gathering, the oracle is ignored.
Son et Lumiere – Le Feu: “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
Plans Within Plans: a merchant finalizes his plans while voyaging on Palah’s Respite
The Fast Way Home: Reflections and Interactions between the PC’s as they make their way back to Westgate from the Gathering.
Carbatkin’s Clutches: The colony banker tries to hold his plans together amid the capture of an unpredictable assassin
An Important First: Bon receives help from Li, and the colony becomes a little bit cleaner.
A Day with the Angel of Destiny: Ts’ao Hai meets Jarvinia and hears his fortune.
A Night with Lady Fortune: Ts’ao Hai and Florica have a fortunate encounter late one night.
Upheaval: A holy man, Tenjo-Kai, is coming by ship; hopefully he will arrive on time.

Vignette Ideas

Have an idea? Put it down. Feel free to read the vignettes listed above and add to what’s there. While I may get most of them started, I always enjoy collaborating with others to make the most interesting stories possible. Have fun!—10110101

  • Ts’ao Hai: Teammate or Tool? Reflect.
  • A Colonist’s Perspective: We’re here to do what? Haul wood? But I’m a cobbler!
  • A Native’s Point of View: A look through the eyes of the natives as these outsiders traipse through their jungle “securing” the land for further invasion. When is enough enough?

FGFE Vignettes

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