Character Creation

All characters begin with a story. Your character must begin with one also. It can be as simple as “A modern day wizard turned private eye” (Harry Dresden), or as complicated as “the representative of a peaceful planet is dismayed at the encroaching militant fascism of the galactic empire that has replaced the republic her father loved. she decides to help out the rebellion against the empire, putting at risk her life, and those of her planet.” (Princess Leia)

One Unique Thing

Each character should have one unique feature you invent for him or her when you create the character. Your one unique thing is an unusual trait that sets your character apart from every other hero. The moment when all the players sit down together with the GM to create their characters’ one unique thing is often the moment when a campaign comes to life.

The intent is not to create a new ability or power that will help you in combat; your character class already comes loaded with firepower and combat moves. The intent is to hint at a unique story that you and the GM will take advantage of and learn more about in the course of the campaign. Good one unique things (“uniques”) frequently provide clues to how your character engages with the people, places, and things of the game world. Sometimes good uniques drip with obvious story hooks for you and the GM. Other times they’re a promise of a mystery to be unfolded later.

“I am a deathless pirate whose soul is trapped in a gem controlled by a Blue dragon.”
“I am one of a couple dozen surviving members of the Order of the Koru, a group of rangers who move through the Empire on or beside the Koru behemoths.”
“I am the bastard son of the Emperor.”
“I cut off my own foot to show how tough I am.”
“I hear pain as music. Sweet, sweet music.”
“A paladin of the Crusader cut off my arm where I was holding a demon-bow . . . and in doing so, cut all the evil out of me, so that I am now a paragon of the path of the Great Gold Wyrm.”
“I am a Kambral who was born covered in scales from the egg of a dragon.”
“I am a former cultist.”
“I am the reincarnation of an ancient holy man. I don’t know which one yet.”
“I am the three-time winner of the Kambric drinking championships."
“I was the rudest lady-in-waiting of the Imperial Court.”

20 point buy for Ability Scores. Average starting gold for your class.

Consider all Paizo-published material (with errata) safe, unless I say otherwise, and I will listen to pleas for 3rd party material inclusion. It matters less, where that material comes from, but whether the character concept and mechanics work for the flavor of the campaign and rest of the group. 3/3.5e material is out.

All Paizo-published classes allowed, except Summoners must use the Pathfinder Unchained version.

Playable races can be found in People of Toreen.

2 Traits are allowed, plus 1 Drawback to gain a third Trait. One Trait must be left blank when submitting the character, then the other players will suggest Traits based on your background.

We will be using Automatic Bonus Progression , Background Skills , and Skill Unlocks , all from Pathfinder Unchained.

Character Creation

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