Adventuring Resources and Items


3 ingots of mithral
3 ingots of Kambric steel
electric blue fronds
40 lbs. of spices, medicinal herbs

Claimed Items

Starbow – Talis
Fruitful Sash – Ts’ao Hai
Noble’s Vigilant Pillbox – Ts’ao Hai
Swordmaster’s flair (red sash) – Carmen Duellos
Trapspringer’s gloves – Friday
Zoic Fetish – Bon Bon
Cauldron of Brewing – Galen
Far-reaching sight – Hirase
Elemental gem (water) – Kalum
polymorphic pouch – Moccan
Sky Marines Elite Saddle – Rebecca
Mallet of Building – Zim
5 rings (Talis, Moccan, Ts’ao Hai, Kalum, Rebecca)
dusty rose prism ( +1 insight bonus on AC) – Talis
Tremor-sense Boots – Talis
2 small carved stones – Talis (summons a Temple Guardians (couatl))
mindfulness tea – 2 each to Arturian, Kalum, Moccan, Rebecca, Talis, Ts’ao Hai
Consecrated Mithral full plate – Talis

Unclaimed Items

broken gold jewelry taken from black panther catfolk
Armor of the Shadow Lord (evil, intelligent, damaged) – Where can we store this to keep it out of Carbatkin’s clutches? Can Zim create a secure storage (lockbox?) for it?
Cloak of Fiery Vanishing (damaged) – Zim fix? Ts’ao Hai?
sword hilt (evil) – Where can we store this to keep it out of Carbatkin’s clutches?
7 scrolls (Invisibility, Scorching Ray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Detect Magic, Open/Close, Lesser Restoration, and Plane Shift)
Wand of Remove Sickness (31 charges)
pink and green ioun stone ( +2 enhancement bonus on CHA)
scarlet and blue ( +2 enhancement bonus to INT)
dark green ioun stone (Detect Poison within 5 ft.)

Potions brewed by Galen:
-Adhesive Spittle
-Ablative Barrier
-Air Step
-Ant Haul
-Bear’s Endurance
-Bomber’s Eye
-Bull’s Strength
-Burst of Speed
-Cat’s Grace
-Crafter’s Fortune
-Cure Light Wounds
-Cure Moderate Wounds
-Eagle’s Splendor
-Enlarge Person
-Expeditious Retreat
-Fox’s Cunning
-Heightened Awareness
-Heroic Fortune
-Lesser Restoration
-Owl’s Wisdom
-See Invisibility
-Targeted Bomb Admixture

Magic Item Creation rules

Adventuring Resources and Items

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