A Nature Walk

Silently, Moccan slipped away from the main camp along the river. These new friends are interesting but they have no connection to nature, it felt wrong to do this with them watching.

“OK Tabitha, stay here and watch over our friends. I won’t be long.” With that, Moccan set on the ground positioning himself comfortably with his back to a great rubber tree. Slowly, he drew in his breadth. In out, in out.

“Focus on the connection to nature. Focus on being part of nature. Do not reach to change yourself but instead reach to change the world around you. There that’s it!” With the sigh of morning breeze, Moccan fades from the world of man.

And awakens in the world of nature. A world so like the world of man but not. Here mankind was not the power, here nature ruled supreme. “I did it! I have again traveled to the world of nature.” Silently Moccan began to observe his surroundings, not moving for fear that it was all a dream, a wonderful dream from which he would awake and again be in the world of man. A lesser world in the eyes of Moccan. But the world where he belonged and a world were Tabitha awaited him, a world where he was needed.

Again, Moccan closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, this time focusing not on his connection to nature but to his connection with man. “There that should do it.” Triumphantly. Moccan opens his eyes and stood… “Oh, no! It didn’t work.” In shock, Moccan looks about him, he is still in the nature wold, not the world of man, not the world of Tabitha. Panicked he throws himself to the ground and again focuses his mind only to again fail, and again and again…

“How much time has passed I wonder?” “Is Tabitha OK, is she waiting for me next to the tree or has she gone with the others to the Gathering?” It would only be a couple days travel for the group to get to the Gathering and they seemed determined to get there. Defeated, Moccan wraps himself in his cloak to sleep, silently he thinks on those he left in the world of man.

Bitter laughter slips out of him as he thinks on that strange party, their odd natures so different and yet working together, hand in hand, much like the way nature works with man. Nature strong and wise provides for man while greedy man takes and destroys, yet nature persists, for nature knows. Knows that there is a balance, knows that long after man is dust nature will still be there and will persevere.

Silently, Moccan closes his eyes and ponders this connection between nature and man, odd to think of it that way, so often he has pondered his connection to nature, a connection where he is the consciousness and nature an instrument that he uses, but thinking on it know, there is a connection in the other way, a way in which nature is the consciousness and Moccan is the instrument. An instrument of nature, an extension of its will…

Startled, Moccan quickly stands. “What was tha…” Stunned into silence, Moccan looks around. He is back in the world of man, back with Tabitha. The great cat bounds to him, graceful but full of kitten joy at seeing him. She knocks him to the ground and he embraces her. “Come Tabitha, we must catch up with the others, I have learned much and there is much yet to do”.

Silently. the two slip back onto the trail, following the trampled path left by their companions, to catch up with them at the Gathering. So important to his new friends, so pointless in the grand design of nature.

A Nature Walk

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