For Glory, For Empire

Session 14, 2/12/2017
The Gathering Part II: Electric Boogaloo

The adventure renews as the party faces the wonders and delights of the Gathering, a festival of indigenous cultures and art mashed together with outbursts of wholesome, old-fashioned violence. Moccan returns from his vision quest and rejoins the group; the group has him examine the objects acquired from the Pymlion. Moccan determines that the winged serpent stone is magical, and has communication magic imbued into it. Its full purpose will be revealed later.

Dusk settles over the Gathering; both violence and commerce are now fair game. A conflict is brought before the Oracle between some Ratfolk and a Strix at the painted wagon. Rebecca sets about looking for some weaponsmiths, noticing the Kambral and the Grugan as possible options.

While she looks, the albino Pymlion Oracle on the wagon’s roof seems to decide in favor of the Ratfolk and the Strix is tossed into the pit of boars guarded by Jaguarfolk. The Strix makes good its escape with some swift gliding and flees the scene to the amusement of most.

Moccan, meanwhile, looks for other Tigerfolk Dunyabetia and is disappointed in his search. He also keeps an eye out for insider market information, noting that the weapons and armor are the best selling items, although the metal armor on offer is not too popular. The giant also receives numerous visitors, interested in his working with wood.

Among the other merchants is an Azkaderra who seems to be selling scrolls that aren’t getting much attention from the assembled natives. This Azkaderra seems to be of a different ethnicity than those the party met on the ship. After a short conversation, the party barter out a trade to try to identify the rings and the carving in their possession. The carving is a powerful magic item that can summon help from one of the seven “Sentinels” to keep the temple from unleashing “evil and death.” The shrine rings also hold potent magic, with the blue ring protecting against cold, the green against acid and poison, the red against fire, the yellow against lightning, and the purple against sonic attacks.

The party divvies up the rings among themselves, now appreciating their value. The Azkaderra learns of the new colony and asks about the two brothers who lived in the dugout. The party explains that they haven’t been seen and ask about their whereabouts. The Azkaderra merchant can offer no insights, but agrees to visit the colony. The party offers more items for identification: the sash that Ts’ao Hai has as a gift from the Azkaderra is a Fruitful Sash, and the small box he has is a Noble’s Vigilant Pillbox. Both items are wonderfully suited to the pirate’s life and his ostentatious taste in fashion. The last wand from the shrine is a Wand of Remove Sickness with 31 charges. The 7 scrolls in the satchel from the shrine are parchments of Invisibility, Scorching Ray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Detect Magic, Open/Close, Lesser Restoration, and Plane Shift. Talis’s bow is also identified as a Starbow. When the party shows the magical stones collected from the chasm, the Azkaderra identifies them as iounite stones. The Azkaderra points the party to the Vishkanya gem cutters for assistance with the gems.

The party then goes to parlay with the Kambral, wherein Rebecca insults the work of their assistant Janco. The Kambral negotiator, Ruan, states that they can barter weapons/armor, raw ingots, favors, and useful items. The Kambral are interested in establishing a supply line to the colony for metal ingots, but want the party to kill Staakos the Night Hunter as payment, a being which they call “blackness personified” that can kill with blasts controlled by his mind.

The description given of this being is quite fearsome; he is 7 and a half feet tall, wearing animal-folk skins. There are many rumors about this being, including that he is not from the continent, and is a “kutsa.” He is rumored to come from the Confluence of the Great Rivers, from the Well there, but other rumors claim that he does not come from the Confluence at all, and in fact avoids the area. He travels alone most often, but sometimes is accompanied by great beasts.

The party talk about their colony, mentioning the Kambral that have settled there. These Kambral are quite interested when they hear about the other Kambral at our village. Their reaction to the names of the Westgate Kambral contain quite a bit of greed, which Ts’ao Hai notices. They promise to come two Gatherings from now, to travel with the Westgate delegation to the colony proper. The Kambral are not eager to discuss their settlement, but do give away that they live in mountains to the south. The party gets a list from the Kambral of the materials they have available. Hot bartering action ensues between Kambral and Westgaters. The party turns to the iounite stones as their chief trade good. The party has in their possession the following raw stones: a dusty rose, pale ruby, pink and green, scarlet and blue, dark green, mulberry, onyx, silver, and a gold. The Kambral merchant, Ruan, directs us to Jiao the Vishkanya to get them properly appraised.

The party majority heads over to the Vishkanya while Rebecca heads over to the giant to place an order for javelins and lances. They settle on a deal and Rebecca pays up front, which results in a horrific death for a goat. Back at the Vishkanya stall, we present the stones to the Snakefolk. The valuation of the stones is as follows: the onyx is worth 6,000 and will make one healthier, while the silver is dependent on the cut but is probably worth 1,600 and makes one better at maneuvers in combat. The gold has to do with language and is worth 1,000, the dusty rose is worth 2,000 and makes one harder to be hit. The pale ruby is worth 1,600 and makes one harder to be found, with the pink and green being worth 3,000 and makes one more likable. The scarlet and blue is worth 3,000, making one smarter, the dark green is worth 2,000 (but quite a bit more worked, up to 4x) and keeps one safe from poisons. Finally, the mulberry is worth 4,000 and it makes it easier to talk to people.

The party agrees to trade the silver and the pale ruby to Jiao in exchange for having the others cut, and the jade in our possession also being improved. What follows is the result of Jiao’s work: the finished gold ioun stone grants the wearer a language. The dusty rose ioun stone is a +1 insight bonus on AC. The onyx ioun stone gives a +2 stackable enhancement bonus to CON. The pink and green ioun stone gives a +2 enhancement bonus on CHA. The scarlet and blue gives a +2 enhancement bonus to INT. The dark green ioun stone gives Detect Poison within 5 ft. The mulberry ioun stone gives a +5 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy. The party trades the mulberry to the Kambral for a steel and a mithral ingot.

Ts’ao Hai goes drinking and finds out that the Staakos is a name that ends parties real fast. Staakos is thought legendary by some, but others claim to have seen him at gatherings slaying people. Talis hears the legend of the Night Hunters, servants of the darkness in the temple, of whom the current title holder is our familiar friend Staakos. While Ts’ao Hai is out schmoozing and Talis is playing chaperon, Moccan buys a pair of mules for the colony.

Afterward, the party kicks back and watches all the skirmishes that break out, blood and coin flowing in equal measure. Meanwhile, Rebecca seeks out fellow cartographers and is disappointed on this night, finding no knights of the compass and sextant present.

The next day, Moccan practices his new art and shifts into the nature realm, seeing that the plateau is occupied by several animals in the parallel plane. Before he can shift back, the animals flee and the water begins to broil. Moccan hides in the brush and watches. A great long neck erupts from the lake, a giant aquatic dinosaur taking an antelope. When he returns, he is surrounded by nagaji, who admire his feat and tells him that he has entered the “World of Nature and Beasts.” They invite him to come swimming in the holy lake with them and want him to meet their shaman. Ts’ao Hai puts on a juggling act while Moccan is messing around with the fabric of the planes.

The party completes the trade with Ruan, the Kambral merchant, acquiring two ingots to deliver to the Kambral back at the colony. The party again promises to meet the Kambral two gatherings from now, explaining how to find Westgate. As dusk settles, the Grugan gather for their conflict. Ts’ao Hai wagers 20 gold on the north group as the two companies square off. The fight begins with a flurry of arrows and the striking of spears! The south holds the advantage as the two chiefs square off in the center. As the fight intensifies, it is suddenly interrupted by an attack on the crowd far to the south. Blood flows and limbs fly as one name fills the air: Staakos! The night hunts!

Session 13, 2/5/17
A Gathering of Peers

The group awoke on the southern bank of a rapid, canyon river. The group headed south toward the steep, mist-haloed hill where The Gathering takes place, Rebecca scouting ahead on her pegasus and the group did their best to keep up while exploring and hunting along the way.

During the afternoon of the first day, the group heard a massive beast some distance off in the bush, that was later described by Rebecca as a huge sloth, and they chose to skirt around before returning to the trail.

On the second morning, at a confluence of trails below the steep climb up to the Gathering, the group came together with a half-dozen Pymlion coming from the other trail. Trinkets and cultural understanding were traded; no murdering or inappropriate meals were had. A small, soft, stone carving of a winged serpent that glowed and rang for Talis.

Half a day was spent on the warning-laden, switch-back trail to the top of the plateau. Near the top, a group of purple-skinned humanoid warriors, led by a chief riding a large creature of unknown origin, came up the trail behind the group aggressively, but slowed themselves, and there was no conflict with the group. They turned out to be Grugan from the far north, and they were at The Gathering selling weapons and armor not of their manufacture, and expecting trouble.

The massive plateau of the Gathering was mostly a crystal-clear lake spotted with many very small islands that seemed to hold special significance to several of the groups gathered there, with the traders and merchants on the northeast shore, and and a cleared area on the north shore for the airing of grievances.

The merchants in the most prestigious spot was an entire camp with two tents and a painted wagon of Delim manufacture. There was a Baerish man and his son, an aloof young woman, an old wise crone, and an albino, narcoleptic Pymlion chained atop the wagon. Talis and Kalum were surprised to see a Baerish trader here. Kalum made a mistake of etiquette, and tried to make a transaction before sundown and was backhanded for his trouble, though he responded in kind with a watery bludgeoning that shook the Baerish merchant. The conflict was quickly quelled by the strange albino Pymlion who laid out the rules.

Groups arrived throughout the afternoon and dusk. Other groups of Pymlion were also in attendance, besides the previously mentioned group. Black panther catfolk and tengu both brought prisoners of the other race. Leopard catfolk guarded a pit full of wild boar. Vishkanya displayed their wares of jewelry and gemstones. A group of ratfolk had many cages of animals and magical beasts. A lumbering, woodsy giant arrived late. A reinforced wagon guarded by Kambral arrived from the south just as the sun set.

Each group arrived and made camp and stayed to themselves. Kalum went from group to group sharing his gift of water, doing his best to show his positive intentions even when language was of the utmost barrier. Not everyone spoke Pymlion, and Talis made note that her original intentions of imploring to those of like mind to help her with supplying the Grippli and creating a group to oversee the security of the Temple was even more daunting than she’d had thought.

Session 12, 1/29/2017
The Tyrant of the South

The adventure resumed with our heroes in the shadowy interior of the shrine in the heart of Nagaji village. As their eyes adjusted to the tenebrous conditions of the interior, they saw that the massive serpentine body hinted at was connected to a white haired humanoid torso. The strange being was surprised by their appearance, and offered them services in exchange for the offering of the magical precious stones the party had collected earlier. She inquired as to whether we are here for the injured person under her care, who turned out to be Rebecca Skyes, a Dunyabetia Cavalier, who had been traveling on a mission to map the continent. After Talis gave her medical care via a big profusion of the Light, she woke up and thanked the intrepid explorers for their assistance.

In a free ranging, expansive conversation the party applied many inquiries to both the holy being of the shrine and to the villages holding her prisoner. The villagers are forbidden from approaching the temple, known as the Hole in the World, and the delicious Grippli babies found around it by the edict of the Enslaved, who called it a place of “bent perspective.” The Enslaved expressed a desire to leave the village shrine, offering a reward of rings in exchange for securing her release. After much debate in and out of character, the party convinced the Enslaved to try creating a clergy, delegating her authority and holiness to a villager temporarily. The Enslaved enacted the suggestion with a great theatrical flourish, putting on a display she called “The Rising,” which impressed nearly everyone very greatly. The event was followed by a feast, and far too many tall tales from the voice of Ts’ao Hai, who enjoyed the rice wine with his trademark liberality.

The group left the temple before remembering to look for their reward, returning and talking their way back into the temple. They discovered a small treasure trove of magical items: a jewelry box with 5 magical rings, each bearing a different stone (jade, sapphire, ruby, yellow diamond, and amethyst), a satchel containing 8 magical scrolls, and a bandoleer with 3 wands. Moccan learned of the wonders of Detect Magic that day, as well as the identity of two of the wands: minor image (8 charges) and shield (21 charges).

Having been rewarded for their sage counsel, the group returned to the crystalline deposits around the fissure, utilizing Rebecca and her Pegasus mount Mia for a bird’s eye view of the situation. Moccan used Detect Magic to learn more about the stones and identify more samples for collection. His research led him to conclude that concentrating Detect Magic on them for about 3 rounds was extremely hazardous to one’s health. The group collected 10 stones, with Ts’ao Hai collecting 2 near the edge of the fissure with both great and not so great grace.

Resuming their travels southward towards the Gathering, the group encountered herds of larger ground birds (christened the Greater Southern Ground Bird) and a cool, refreshing spring. While camping, the party was assaulted by a pair of dark feline shapes. After a fierce battle, in which Rebecca bore much of the anger of their enemies, the group identified them as were-panthers. Knowing Rebecca’s peril, Moccan administered an herb to counteract the lycanthropy. The poison in the herbs nearly killed her, and the group had to spend several days allowing her to recover.

Further scouting uncovered a nest of large constrictor snakes, who will not be appearing further in this adventure log. After marking another stand of valuable hardwoods, the party was ambushed by another pack of Deinonychus, who fell to the combined might of the motley crew of conquistadors. The path southward led them to a rich mile of green herbs, whose culinary and alchemical value would surely please Friday. The jungle is as deadly as it is beautiful, however, and their pleasant find was disturbed by the arrival of a tyrant lizard king, a massive theropod who descended upon them with bestial wrath and primal hunger. The party fled through the jungle, coming to a cliff with the Mesozoic monster right on their heels. Some flung themselves down the cliff, trusting on their agility and acrobatic prowess to save them. Others climbed down with more caution, looking to cover the retreat of their fellows. Ts’ao Hai in particular displayed a daredevil’s derring-do, descending the cliff with the Elder race’s legendary grace (if after an initial tumble.)

After the Cretaceous horror left in frustrated rage, the group reconvened and proceeded down the canyon, discovering a badger dam and the tasty badgers that were making it. After a meal, the group crossed the swift canyon river and made camp on the other side, closing the session between the two ramparts of the canyon walls.

Session 11, 1/8/17
Blind Hope

In the nymph’s grove, all but Tabitha, Talis and Kalem were blind. The plan was to head back to the Tengu village north of Hiqut’s Rill to see if they could help us, by either curing our blindness, or sending news to Westgate to send help.

However, after leaving the grove, the blind characters began to see the world in outlines the color of the light of Bensily, though it had slight variations from the visible world. Without any knowledge of the Realms, it took encounters with an Ogre-faced spider and its minions; a huge, mystical waterfall; a cave with a huge claw print of the dragon-esque Dondepac; a run-in with a pack of pouncing veliceraptors; and sheltering for recovery on a cliff face where no cliff existed, to send the group back to the grove for help from the nymph.

The nymph ended up curing the blind characters and then made a suggestion for us to move on carefully because it was not safe for us to stay in or near the grove. The group carefully made it’s way onward south-by-west from the grove, continuing with the plan to explore the area in the direction of the Gathering.

The group came across several resources over the next several days, one such being a small rift with several colors of crystal formed around it.

On day 4 of exploration, the group came to a village of Nagaji. The village met us armed with farm implements, but we were able to show them we meant no harm. We asked them if they would like to trade with us and showed them the crystals that were found. These were met with awe and reverence, and we were shown to the village’s temple.

The group was shown into the small temple, the doorways out blocked. A sinister, sibilant voice from above greets the group while a snake-like figure unwinds from the rafters…

Session 10, 11/27/16

The session pre-began with the party attending a meeting hosted by the Tumkayal. After seating and serving their guests, the Azkaderra explained the legend of Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken (Adapa), and how he incurred the wrath of Aitzurra the Father and was Sundered for his crimes. The least of his pieces dwells within the temple at the Confluence, and exerts an evil influence on the surrounding lands. It is the duty of the Tumkayal to secure the temple and the standing stones about it, and for this purpose they have come to the continent. Various party members asked questions (or made fools of themselves) and the Azkaderra answered them, mostly.

The session began with the Azkaderra offering gifts as a parting gesture, before they ventured into the jungle on their perilous mission. After the Azkaderra had given their gifts and made their farewells, the party turned its attention to potion brewing and administration. Once that was done, the Grand Expedition was launched, taking a boat upriver to find the village of the birdpeople. While the Tengu were understandably not pleased to see Moccan, no violence erupted, and Greensheen welcomed the party to a dinner of spicy, stir-fried bugs. Talis worked her diplomatic wiles, finding Greensheen skeptical of cooperation with other tribes like the Jaguar, but willing to offer lore and information about the surrounding area.

The party headed for the Confluence, briefly encountering some Cranefolk along its edges. A parlay was had, but Talis was not very successful in engaging them. They paid the most attention to Moccan, who they mistook for the master of the group. He didn’t learn much of value, except that the Crane prey on the Grippli, finding their young delectable. The party improvised a river crossing with a felled tree and pushed onward.

The party then arrived at the Confluence, marveling at the meeting of so many waters and the engineering mystery of its many canals. After taking a dip or two, the party encountered the Grippli. The frogmen were wary of the party, and initially wanted nothing to do with them, urging them to leave and disengaging from conversation. Talis won their respect through her oratory and a demonstration of her nimbus, which the Grippli appeared to revere.

The party was led to the nomadic Grippli village, witnessing a people under great duress. Talis attempted to convince one of the Grippli to come with them, to try and drum up support for the Grippli’s holy mission with the other tribes, but no Grippli was willing to abandon their sacred duty of protecting the temple. They parted amicably, with promises to try and win support for the Grippli, and with Ts’ao Hai accidentally spooking them by revealing that he was Bea’txo, an ancient enemy of their people. To be fair, it might not be the first time that a whole society has uprooted and fled for the hills after meeting Ts’ao Hai, so he can’t blame them. On the way back across the river, hippopotamuses tried to bite us and drag our corpses to the bottomauses of the river, but were slain for their trouble.

The party passed by the Tengu village again, speaking with Greensheen about their meeting with the Grippli. Greensheen was adamant that the Tengu would not enter the Confluence, and so immediate aid for the Grippli does not seem likely.

The time now came for the party to turn south towards the Gathering. The group decided to explore hexes along the way, finding mulberry bushes and silk moths, and also a small group of eight legged freaks.

After giving up on building a press to print newspapers with which to squash the bugs, and just using cold steel and water to do it, the group pressed southward, finding an area of great natural beauty. Within was the even greater beauty of a nymph, a beauty so potent that over half the party went blind. The group managed to prove their honorable intentions, swearing to respect the nymph’s territory and to leave her alone, but were still left with most of their members down to blindness and no easy cure in sight.

Session 9, 11/20/16
Fight Over Love; The Colony Works; Orders are Made; Allies in Light

With the recovery of the Constant and the arrival of Fatima’s Mercy, a celebration of reunion, hope, and joy opens the session, with introductions of new travelers including Jewel Raven the sailor and fisherwoman, Mr. Ti Bon Fu dressed all in black, Kalum Duskai the Master of Water, Galen Brewerhorn the Brewer, and Zim Ommeera the silent.

The celebration was broken by a fight over love. Two of the colonists decided to fight over Dorotea. One brings his mighty fists, the smaller one brings an axe. The fists win. Dorotea is missing; a search is had, and she is found “picking breadfruit” which now means having sex with her fiance, a third farmer. The winning colonist is banished and taken by Markus the Warden, who escorts him to the Mercy to take him back to Zalamir.

The work on the pier continues, and plans for a lumber mill are begun.

Talis approached the Kambral smiths about a suit of armor and a bow, and Stokil takes measurements and asks what the motif should be. Talis asks for rays of light and he suggests a sunrise. Kalem requests armor as well.

Talis and Kalem then visit the Azkaderra at their camp atop the hill with the stela. All are busy doing various things, but Tobriska is being put through a withering training as punishment for some transgression. She is working a kata between two foes, one Gronk holding a shield, and Lantish with a flail of light that Tobriska has to beat back, all set to the rhythm of a song.

Ezpantu asks Talis about needing a bow, and he offers Tobriska’s for her to try. This really pisses off the barbarian whirler. Ezpantu points to a butt to try out the bow, and says that if Talis can use it better than Tobriska, the bow is hers to keep. She looks around and asks for arrows, but Ezpantu says if one is worthy to use the bow, arrows will not be needed. Talis notices an inscription on the bow that is almost exactly like the inscription on the pillars outside the Temple of Light in Flen.

She takes a deep breath, remembers it is about Light prevailing over darkness, activates her nimbus, pulls back on the bow, and an arrow of light blazes ready for action. She lets loose and it hits the butt target dead center. Tobriska, in a fit of pique, flung one of her swords at the butt as well. It was buried next to the arrow of light, vibrating angrily, just off-center. Tobriska turned from her defeat, throwing down her other sword in anger and stormed out of camp.

Talis thanks Ezpantu for the gift, and pressed for details of the Azkaderra mission there, as it seems that Legion of Light and the Azkaderra might have parallel goals. Ezpantu invites all interested parties back at midnight that night to hear their tale.

Session 8, 11/14/16

The Chun Ye bore our intrepid explorers and their wise cat-folk guide north northwest across the sea, towards the island of Baiyan (as Ts’ao Hai insisted on calling it.) Along the way, another island was sighted to the west, craggy and mountainous, a great castle of unshaped stone erupting out of the sea foam. Giant flying reptiles soared in the air currents cast about by the island. A short debate on naming erupted, ending with the island being christened Moccan Island in honor of the catfolk.

The Chun Ye arrived at Baiyan, sending a party to search the wreck of the Constant while Ts’ao Hai led another group toward where he thought survivors were likely to have taken shelter. As they approached the lagoon, the party heard splashing and voices speaking in Bea’txo. What they unfortunately did not notice was the large sentinel watching over the bathers, and Hirase’s decision to load her musket in caution provoked him into attacking.

A short battle erupted, with Ts’ao Hai taking quite the thrashing even as the party gave as good as it got. They felled Gronk just in time for two Azkaderra to arrive on the scene: Pantxike and Tobriska. Pantxike cast a spell to protect Gronk’s life, while Tobriska moved to aid and control the volatile Gronk. Unfortunately Moccan reacted poorly to her presence, attempted to intimidate her into cowering away, and another short tussle ensued, with Ts’ao Hai tackling the catfolk and enduring the ire of Tabitha. Eventually, everyone got calmed down and apologies were exchanged. Pantxike and Tobriska escorted them to the survivors of the Constant, with Moccan and Tabitha following behind.

The captain of the Constant greeted them warmly, and told them how the ship came to be there and their struggles since. Roughly half of the ship’s original compliment had survived, largely thanks to the skills of the Azkaderra, who remained somewhat apart as they spoke. Arrangements were made for the survivors to be transported to the Chun Ye and delivered to the colony.

Afterwards, the party dispersed and began a series of conversations: Ezpantu Dotriv of the Azkaderra attempted to build rapport with Moccan to poor effect, and Hirase approached Ezpantu in turn and attempted to smooth things over with more success. Ezpantu mentioned that the Azkaderra were not interested in being colonists, saying “You do not know much about the land you have chosen to live in. We have come here to deal with an ancient darkness.”

Hirase made an offer to work out an exchange for the Azkaderras’ knowledge of this “evil”, to which Ezpantu seemed amenable to. Gronk eventually worked up the courage to bellow an apology to Moccan, and that particular hatchet was buried. Talis tried to get Tobriska to apologize for her lack of tact in the tense conflict earlier, and sort of succeeded. Hai chatted Ixaka and Pantxike up, sampling some of their coconut liquor and holding his own, at least for the first two drinks. Hirase and Gronk patched things up, with Hirase apologizing for alarming Gronk with her musket.

Hai woke up the next day with his head completely numb. He was tempted to think it was still totally worth it. The Constant survivors were loaded onto the Chen Yu safely, and the ship made for Westgate, encountering the Fatima’s Mercy on the way back.

Following the integration of the survivors to the colony and the reception of the resupply vessel, the ruling council gathered and decided to undertake a grand expedition with numerous goals: contacting native villages, discovering the Confluence, scouting hexes in order to secure a new territory for the colony, and attending a Gathering.

Session 7, 11/6/16

Talis, Moccan, and a concussed Hirase awake the next morning and begin to make their way towards the Jaguar village. A group of Jaguar-folk meet them along the trail. Talis makes nice; Moccan translates. The group escorts them to the village.

Talis makes a grand entrance unknowingly using her Nimbus of Light, which makes quite the impression. An older Jaguar-man greets them in peace.

Talis presents a hand-made gift she brought for the occasion. The old one is less than impressed but is diplomatic and invites the group to have dinner with the village. Talis also presents directions on how to approach Westgate for safety and/or trade.

Moccan spends the evening learning alchemical formulas from the old one. Talis finds out more information about a Temple that is nearby that is hiding quite the mystery. Evidently, several local tribes have begun visiting the deserted temple. There’s a place within that no one has returned from. The old one says that is a great source of Evil and Talis vows to find a way to “make the ‘Well of Evil’ run dry.”

Talis, Moccan, and Hirase return to Westgate and tell their tale. The Major/General Lucat has misgivings about making friends with “the natives,” but mostly keeps them to himself.

A few days later, a group of cat-folk are spotted approaching. A greeting party is rounded up by Carmen and goes to greet the visitors after they cross the river. The visitors turn out to be cheetah-men passing through on their way to the Gathering under the full moon Karos. No hostilities, but also long term diplomacy was accomplished.

Later that same day, four ships are seen approaching the mouth of the Hiquts Rill. One Maglioshi merchant ship, Darabon’s Fortune, is clearly being chased by three others of a radically different design. The village offers the merchantman to anchor in the river, and when one of the three others moves to prevent that, fire and blood is loosed upon it. That ship breaks off its maneuver, and after some tense discussions, a parlay is called.

The Darabon’s Fortune was a Maglioshi colony ship on it’s way to colonizing somewhere south of “The Rill”. They were not pleased the Empire had beat them to this spot. The three others were Bea’txo designed multi-hull ships made from specific tropical trees, all loyal to Ts’ao Hai, exiled Bea’txo freebooter.

That night, everyone played nice and feasted well together. Midday the next day, the Darabon’s Fortune headed south for a pristine space of their own.

Ts’ao Hai and Carmen were exchanging news about the circumstances of the colony, when Hai delivered the news that he knew where the shipwreck of the “Constant” was, and quickly a rescue mission was put together using Hai’s primary ship.

Session 6, 10/30/16
Meet Moccan and New Salam's First Delegation

The group made rolls for New Salam’s stability and economy, and approved the building of a watchtower.

Hirase, Talis, Xaxe, and Shopik finished clearing the final Hex. After being ambushed by three 15-foot snakes, the group meets Moccan and his little kitty Tabitha (a 100 lb. Tiger cub).

Moccan joins the group and they head back to Westgate were Moccan raises a stir among the village because he’s a Catfolk.

After a couple of days of downtime, a delegation is sent to a village of Jaguar-folk up North. The group takes the time to clear the hex along the way when they were set upon by a group of Nagaji. Talis’ senses evil, then gets knocked to her butt by a gigantic bull rush. Arrows rain down among the party causing bleed damage, which eventually causes Strength damage. Tabitha and Moccan take down two, while the rest of the group whittles down the other three.

The group decides to make camp and heal and begin again the next day.

Evidently, the group has stumbled upon a conflict between the cat and lizard folk. Hmm… politics.

Session 5, 10/23/16

The session resumed with the party setting up camp and tending to the wounded, while speculating on the value of monkey hides and hoping that the Pymlion, Friday, hadn’t damaged the alpha ape’s skin too much with his vengeful butchery. While unpacking, the group suddenly uncovers a bag that came from the ocher jelly and had been set aside until now. The bag contains about a pound of precious uncut stones. Xaxe noticed Yu-Chen examining the jewels, but was successfully diverted via some skillful bluffing and the welcome distraction of Talis.

The party sallied forth, traipsing out into the bush. Around them, the jungle stilled. The party noticed that all the tracks in the local area seemed to radiate out from a point ahead of them. Tails searched for the darkness, but the darkness was not there. The party advanced slowly, but was still ambushed by a massive great cat, the beast’s presence sending fear racing through everyone’s veins. Friday successfully identified it as a Smilodon, a mighty saber tooth tiger. The Smilodon mauled Talis dropping her in one mighty leap. Commander Duellos pulled the Paladin out of the beast’s grasp, falling back. Xaxe blinded the beast, and Yu-Chen attempted to distract it, but failed. Hirase’s musket roared, a powerful ricochet inflicting massive damage on the mighty beast. Shopik and the Pymlion fall before it. After a round of messing around, the group decided discretion is the better part of valor and started withdrawing as the tiger raged and slashed about, searching for more prey to slaughter. It eventually found Hirase and mauled her too, before blindly groping about. The beast was eventually destroyed by numerous attacks as it failed to find its harassers. Afterwards, the party enacted a ritual with its body, empowering themselves with its resilience. They also took a pair of days to rest, to recover from the deadly clash with the king of the jungle. Only after they were much recovered did they resume exploring. Jungle diseases took their toll on the party as they advanced.

As the party continued exploration, they discovered hills to the north, as well as medicinal and alchemical herbs. The Pymlion gathered some before the party moved on. As the party moved, they saw a disruption in the brush, which Friday realized must come from many numerous creatures moving about in the underbrush. The party’s advance brought them in contact with a stream of bugs, a veritable river of poisonous centipedes. They decided to follow the insects and make sure they were not a threat to the village, following them to the river bank. The party made the decision to engage the insects, a plan foiled by a lack of application of vermin repellent. The following battle consisted of the spell casters unleashing fiery hell and everyone else poking the swarm with torches. The centipedes perished in fiery flashes and bursting flasks, leaving the party stung but victorious. After resting, the party was beset by horror when Vakas first passed away because of the disease, and then animated as one of the undead, seizing the Pymlion and throttling him. The Paladin eventually pummeled the monster to death; it burst as she broke its body, infecting Commander Duellos.

The party set up triage at the stele, with Tanja tending to the plague victims. Everyone eventually recovered, while Yu-Chen performed administrative duties and informed Mengzhi.


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