Kattare Tunyatanvi, Mezulari Celestial

lead Bea'txo Emissary to the Zalamiri court


Mezulari Celestial is a title held by few Bea’txo, a plenipotentiary diplomat held in the highest regard, both at her posting, and at home in Santhyria. Kattare Tunyatanvi achieved just such a distinction before she was 200 years old, and had been the Amatsuotome’s eyes, ears, and voice in Salamport for nearly 50 more.

Tunyatanvi listens and watches, and speaks measured words with nonchalance and grace. She is beautiful, kind, warm, patient, empathetic and well-mannered. She is a trendsetter, a confidant, and for a fortunate two thousand or more souls, a friend. even with all of that, she has a towering intellect, shrewd judgement, and gives away no expression that she does not want you to see.

If Tunyatanvi has one flaw, it is in her inability to say “no” to requests from Marit to post idle Bea’txo family members who have no place at the Celestial Court to her staff in Salamport.

Kattare Tunyatanvi, Mezulari Celestial

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