Rentok the Many


Rentok is a very large Areiystis Grugan of the Fallen Goat clan, complete with the splotchy purple skin. Like other leaders of his people, he has 4 short tentacles that emerge from the top of his back. Like the rest of his people, his armor and weapons are made of bone and obsidian.

He appears unsteady and clumsy when standing still, but agile once set in motion. He is usually mounted on whatever large creature he can tame.


His lieutenants Gokul and Chaissa are loyal and capable. Gokul leads with guile; Chaissa with fear. Rentok blends these two approaches.

Rentok is at the Gathering to secure a bride from the Blind Boar clan against his rival from the Nestless Roc nomadic clan.

Rentok the Many

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