For Glory, For Empire

Session 21, 4/30/2017

Having withdrawn from the room of exploding and burning gasses, the group collects themselves too long in the large chamber of slime and treasure. Swarms of spiders coalesced repeatedly all over the group, until it was discovered that the vermin were being called forth magically, distracting and poisoning Rebecca, mostly. The fell creature doing the calling was finally discovered lurking the the shadows that comprised its body and tormented the group until dispatched by the Light.

Next, past one confluence of small shafts, and on to a second, where a creature of air ambushed the group, and almost absconded with Talis up a nearly vertical chimney.

Next, a third confluence of tunnels where a noisy mechanism was triggered that shut off the passage in front of them for a time, before resetting itself. The path forward from there followed a distinct and wrought concave groove in the floor, roughly 4 feet wide, like a shallow canal for guiding of something.

Lastly, that passage passed through a gallery of statues, and a door leading off the grooved path. The door turned out to be false, but revealed a medusa on display behind a secret door on the opposite side of the chamber. Moccan, Arturian, and Rebecca fell victim to the ingenious trap, and were turned to stone. The rest decided to retreat out of the temple, and had to manhandle the statues back out of the place. Attempting to call the couatl guardian failed initially, but after waiting until morning, it could be called again.

The group, and the loot, was transported back to Westgate, where Zim insisted on payment for a special balm that he was able to concoct on the spot. After vigorous application, the three statue-adventurers were returned to flesh.


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