For Glory, For Empire

Session 19, 4/02/2017

'Round and 'round we go

There was much afoot in New Salam when we gathered again. One woman drowned trying to walk to the temple on the first night, and three walked away early on the third morning following disturbing dreams. Much rope, so entangled by Moccan got the three under control, and Talis and Arturian came along to help bring them all back to Westgate.

Several things were discovered about the mental influence. The control cannot cross between realms and dimensions; getting the victim into an extra-dimensional space breaks the effect. Second, those affected tend to be those under stress or duress. Third, once effected, and broken, they seem immune, but this needs to be tested further.

Through all of this, it was also learned that there are issues within the camp: crimes unreported, conflict bubbling up, and the influence of Peleki spreading.

Between all of this, Talis received her commissioned armor from Stokil, full plate made from mithral, with minute holes carved and angled so that when light passes through, it depicts the dawn, dusk, creation, and servants of light.

Day four saw some material teleportation shenanigans by Zim, including the procurement of another couatl stone, and some necessary rare items for the ritual at the well. This couatl was summoned, questions were asked, and plans were layed.

In the pre-dawn of the fifth morning, the wagon with the albino Pymlion chained to the roof is seen approaching camp. There was more questioning, and a bestowing of prophetic power. Easy peasy.


catharsis_in_g catharsis_in_g

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