For Glory, For Empire

Season 2, Session 3/11
Goodnight, Sweet Prince

The last session of Season 2 found Tais suddenly surrounded by small figures as she led the party on the trail of the “illusionist.” Tais and Reiko managed to slip out from the pickets of the Pymlions, linking back up with the party and leading them around the small rise that the Pymlions seemed to haunt. Soon the smell of smoke and cooking meat led the party to a Pymlion village; Mongo stepped forward to say hello, and the fight was on.

Huts burned and Pymlions fell in bloody ruin as the party pressed into the village; the illusionist began summoning creatures to combat them from his great hut in the center of the clearing. On the opposite side of the village, a startled flight of birds heralded the arrival of the Medusa Witch and her undead Hustaiko cronies.

The battle ended with the Witch felled and the illusionist bound and unconscious, but the victory was not without cost; Reiko was slain, leaving Tais without a friend she’d raised by hand. The party began to search through the rubble of the Pymlion village as several mysterious happenings occurred; a bolt of red lightning struck the fallen body of the Medusa witch and incinerated it. Mongo heard a strange voice and felt his body burned and branded with a strange symbol, while Yu-Chen discovered that the illusionist’s headband was an intelligent magical item, identifying itself as an Umagaric sage.

The illusionist died of his wounds before the party could interrogate him. After resting for the night and torching most of the village, the party decided to return to the witch’s tower. The scene closes on Season 2 as the party enters the tower, whisked off to places unknown.

Season 2, Session 2/11

The session begins with the party taking care of some unfinished business. Tenjo-Kai identifies the mysterious seeds as Chao-Pai, a reedy grain found in swamps and beloved by birds of many a feather. This realization is chained with the thought that they haven’t seen Mengzhi in some time, and perhaps should search for him. The party doesn’t find Mengzhi, but they do find a batch of magical fetishes in a hut, crafted in the image of the Seven.

Having finished the search with the discovery of a silver dagger in the abandoned general store, the party returns to the Barrow and explores the third floor, discovering that they are in the crypt of the Tynol family. The sealed magical box there remains sealed despite the best efforts of Tenjo-Kai, and Corvus decides that it must all burn. The party convinces their Paladin to hold off his inflammatory purpose long enough for them to fully search the Temple complex. Unfortunately, any survivors had already cleaned the place out and left. All that remained were legless reptiles made of a ferrous metal, Gibbering Mouthers, arrow traps, and many costumes. After removing valuable royal china sets, an ivory comb, and a solid gold chest set, Corvus tosses the torch onto a pile of broken doors and walks away from the tomb without looking back.

Returning to the surface, the party bunks down for the night as the mist rolls in. Corvus sallies forth to confront and test this vile manifestation of darkness; after much valiant and holy prodding, it is eventually determined that the mist is actually an illusion. Corvus and Tais sally forth to scout and discover that the nefarious seed husker has struck again, committing another act of heinous littering.

This flagrant sin causes Corvus to issue forth from their sanctuary, traveling with Tenjo-Kai and Tais into the night. Traveling all the way to Miller’s Crossing, they follow the trail to a giant tree and discover a family of Tengu secreted in the upper branches. The Tengu uncle turns out to be the mysterious seed husker, a mercenary for hire. After several rounds of gravity induced shenanigans, negotiations reach an impasse; the Tengu won’t come down, and Tais definitely can’t get up there.

Tenjo-Kai leads the rest of the party to the giant tree, and the Tengu is bribed with coins, the silver dagger, and ground bird eyeballs. He reveals that he was hired by the witch to observe the people at the Temple, and that he is due to report back to her with the news that the party has “figured it out.”

The party decides to seek out the witch and sets out to find her with directions from the Tengu. After accidentally orphaning a clutch of crocodile eggs (and then eating the orphans before they can hatch) the party beds down for the night.

Season 2, Session 1/28

The session opened up with the party being hailed by “We,” who had diverted the road to steer the wagon away from the mine tower. As soldiers began defecting, Fishburn stepped forward to parlay, learning from “We” that events had accelerated at the tower, and it was no longer safe to return there. Tenjo-Kai offered to return to the tower and resolve the phenomena that “We” had detected.

The whole crew set out for the tower; some soldiers fell ill to the aura of the torches, while others lost their nerve and defected. After an arduous journey, the party arrived at the tower and found themselves locked outside. Some sort of magical ritual was taking place, and the learned among the party realized that some sort of enchantment and compulsion was being enacted. Mongo began attacking the barricades, which began the hoo-hah.

Burteaux and some evil counterparts are attempting to beguile the miners and workers into the mine, in order to feed their life energies to the necromantic battery he is building. The party valiantly attempts to defy him while Corvus and Duke get into a hilarious but futile brawl with one another. The battle ends with the death of Burteaux and most of the miners.

The Duke and his surviving soldiers take possession. Tenjo-Kai quickly takes offense at the presumptions of the Academy troops and a standoff ensues, defused by the other members of the party only after a few, tense moments.

The group returns to “We” and learns from it a possible method to repair the mine. Down in the subsurface, the party restores gems to the mine walls and applies magic spells to its surfaces, eventually stabilizing the energy and averting any possible crisis from the mine’s power.

The party returns to “We” and informs them of their success. “We” affirms their success and warns the party that anyone who is at the tower at dawn will die, and soon the tower will be covered in greenery. The party decides that a single messenger bird will be sufficient warning for the Duke and his men and set out on their merry way home.

Season 2, Session 1/21
Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Necromantic Bomb

With reconnaissance of the mine completed, the party reconvened and decided on its next plan of action. After some discussion and examination of Mongo’s shiny rock, the party decided that they wanted a peaceful resolution to the mine conflict, and came up with a plan to contact those that were assailing the mine. They would dispatch the animal companion of Tais with a message, hoping that the mysterious attackers would agree to meet under parlay. As part of this plan, the party decided to disseminate information among the populace to reassure everyone that we were working in the best interests of the mine. Corvis was summoned to explain these events to Burteaux, which he did in his signature style.

While visiting the Academy representative, Corvis spotted a torch going out on the perimeter. The paladin dashed off to investigate immediately and could not be talked out of leaving the palisade to go investigate. The party discovered the erstwhile animal companion engaged in an act of sabotage. Tais interrogated her feline friend and discovered that the cat was performing this sabotage at the behest of a “nice lady.” Corvis used some pointed exploration to uncover the hiding place of the “nice lady,” who turned out to be some sort of being made of soggy, swampy muck. Fern (so she chose to be called) explained that she had received our message and would convey it onwards. When questioned about why the mine was so dangerous, Fern used magic to give each party member different experience, most of which seemed to show that the mine was devouring life energy at a dangerous rate.

After a comedy routine at the gate, the party made its meeting the next morning. The representative of the jungle turned out to be a shrouded figure that called itself “we.” After a lengthy discussion, it was established that the forces of nature simply would not tolerate the mine’s continued operations, and that an entirely peaceful resolution was not likely. The party did manage to negotiate a ceasefire of sorts; if the mining activity paused, then assaults would also pause.

Returning to the mine, Manny and Corvis informed Plaeteaux Burteaux of their success. Burteaux was willing to go along with the ceasefire, as he was confident that his reinforcements would give him the firepower necessary to beat back the jungle. The ensuing discussion saw numerous revelations dawn upon the party: the Academy’s plan is to push the mine to the brink with gem removal and then to stabilize it, allowing it to serve as a giant necromantic battery. If controlled, the result would be powerful, but failure might result in a significant amount of damage being done to the world. Alarmed, Corvis and Burteaux returned to the party and decided that the mine had to be shut down. Using a hunting expedition as an excuse, the party left the mine and returned to the Coronus Pinai. Corvis determined that the academy had violated the pact. Taking command of a small unit of the Legion of Light, the party set out to return to the mine and force Burteaux to shut down the mine.

Along the way, the party ran into Burteaux’s Academy reinforcements, which included several well equipped nobles. Manny subtly and gradually attempted to convince them to turn on Burteaux and support the party’s coup attempt. However, the party soon realized that the road to the mine had been changed, and they arrived at the east end of the fissure instead of at the west end of the fissure. With a tropical storm bearing down on them, the party debated what to do, before the ominous voice of “we” welcomed them as guests.

Season 2, Session 7

Session began with catching Imaniel up on the story.

The Coronus has asked Corvis to organize a mission to the mine so that we could investigate the problem occurring there.

Corvis decides to trailblaze through the jungle with an auroch-pulled cart. Progress is slow.

After camping too close to the river, one of the guards of the light disappears at night. Huge alligator tracks are found nearby where he was standing. Poor Fleerv, RIP.

Soon the group comes to an abandoned village. A search is made and it is found that the village has been abandoned for close to six months. Black Tengu feathers are found and a gourd of potion is found, unidentifiable.

Next morning, the troop carries onward towards the mine. They find a campsite worth staying at, and are met by a traveling merchant. Imaniel makes a deal for a map of area gatherings. One of the Tengu identifies the potion as a strong defoliant.

Imaniel continues to talk to Tengu trying to engender good relations while trading stories. The Tengu talk about the abandoned village. It is found that the magister of the mine chopped off villager’s legs there. It is also found that the Tengu are familiar with The Seven as kitsune tricksters. It is found that the mine is pulling the heart, or gems, of Toreena and Berto must be stopped or he will cause the end of our existence.

Imaniel invites the Tengu merchant to Fort Indomitable and offers a vendor’s stall for him to use for a cut of the Tengu’s profits made while at the Fort.

The next day the group comes upon a grove of dying vegetation, and the mine’s palisade can be seen in the distance. Toward the palisade, the rift is lined by strange torches, which look to be the source of the dying vegetation, leaking necromantic magic. Following the rift in the ground away from the palisade it comes to a point where the torches are knocked over and vegetation is almost overly plentiful.

Upon making it to the palisade, Corvis announces who we are and the guards let us in. The aurochs and equipment are seen to by the Legion’s four remaining guardsmen. The group is shown to a watchtower with a winding staircase that wraps around the outside of the tower. Mongo and Tais wait below, while Imaniel and Corvis go greet the Magister, Berto.

Imaniel acts as Corvis’ herald and loudly introduces him to everyone. He also greets the magister’s guards getting to know names and making friends. The magister sees them in a top floor room surrounded by a great curving wall of glass that would work as a lighthouse if needed. Within the room, chained to a bed is a female catfolk. A sphere of energy surrounds the bed and she does not notice that Corvis and Imaniel are there. The magister greets them sourly and Corvis is asked why they are late. The magister points to greenery at the edge of the Rift and says that terrorists are attacking the miners, slowing productions and infecting the miners with slow, painful deaths, with vines that protrude from eyeballs and other areas of the bodies.

Berto expects us to take care of the problem.

Later that night, the group attempts to find out more information about what’s going on by visiting a pub. Corvis visits with a guardsman and finds that she is leading a wagon of gems to Westgate and hopes that this time the wagon is able to make it without problems from the terrorists. She says she’s prepared for any attacks and Corvis is let in on her secret which is some kind of defoliant potion. Imaniel makes friends with a miner who talks about getting his 25th gem and claiming the reward from the magister. He’s been there several months and is regretting it. He talks about losing friends to the terrorist’s attacks and the gruesome deaths. He then invites Imaniel into the mine the next day to see what it’s like.

The Legion is put up in comfy barracks for the night. The number of guards in the barracks is significantly low compared to the number of bunks, the affect of attrition.

Next morning the group goes with Imaniel to the mines. A rope-supported lift lowers the miners down a 70’ deep hole, which gets everyone by Mongo down safely. When Mongo attempts to use the lift, it breaks and the miners and group are trapped below. A mob of panicky miners begin to accost the group demanding that the lift be fixed. Imaniel talks the mob down and gets them back to work while he organizes the fix. The platform is fixed but one of the rope supports is busted. Imaniel levitates hisself up the shaft, finds the break, and finds a metal beam support bent. He gets workers to fix the beam, finds a skilled person to help him fix the rope, and the lift is finally fixed in time for the shift change.

Tais notices one of the miners is acting strangely so she goes over to talk with the miner. On the way up the lift, Tais asks about the miner’s thoughts on the terrorists, and the miner sees Tais as a Toreena terrorist sympathizer and convinces a group of miners that she is with the terrorists. Tais hits the stop for the lift and it plunges into the shaft. She falls to the ground below. The remaining miners start to panic as they hear shouts from above about a terrorist. Mongo picks up Tais and guards her with Corvis’ help.

Imaniel talks the shouting mob down, saying its been a misunderstanding. The strangley-acting miner makes his way to the Magister to claim his 25th gem reward and a flash of light is witnessed from the tower. Supposedly, the person’s reward is to be teleported anywhere they’d like to go, but Imaniel doesn’t think flashes of light should occur with teleportation.

Season 2 Session 6

information needed

Season 2, Session 5

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Season 2, Session 4

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Season 2, Session 3

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Season 2, Session 2
Episode 2: The Hole Begs To Be Remembered

Adventure begins with a dream…

Josh’s character, Tenjo-Kai, has a dream that the crew is at camp the night before they make it to the Fort. He wakes up Corvis, who confirms that there is something amiss, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. They wake up and ask the Coronus, and she thinks they’re both crazy. “No, they haven’t made it to the fort, yet! What are you, nuts?!”

After convincing her that something’s amiss, she takes it as a premonition and awakens the crew to strike camp and make towards the fort. Along the way they find three dead creatures filled to the brim with insects and a big, ol’ spider. After laying waste to the troublesome swarm, Corvis and Tenjo-Kai lay the dead to rest.

They arrive to the fort, which is in serious disrepair, not like how Branch and Corvis remember it. Corvis attempts to run up the fort’s watchtower ladder to view the disturbing scene he’d witnessed before and sees a different view of Adapa’s Refuge. Instead of tentacles and an ever-opening maw, the walls of the refuge look to be collapsing upon itself.

On his way down the ladder, Corvis finds the remains of an individual…

Lizardmen have a bonfire burning in the pit. Imaniel greets them and asks about the location of the Light’s Major and the rest of the builders. The lizardmen point in a direction, and the crew takes a path around the fort, which then brings them to a small little village of ten to fifteen structures in which inhabit Tengu, Catfolk, and others, including a bigger structure all closed up.

Within, the crew of the Light is holed up under command of a sick Major who turns out to be suffering from some parasitic fungus, symptoms of which are similar to vampirism. Corvis begins a cleansing, but the Major freaks out and conflict is had, which includes the fall of the Major and two Tengu.

The crew sets up camp at the village after arranging an agreement with the remaining Dunabetia. Soon, dreams of the crew are under siege. A tea is found to help alleviate the intrusive disturbance of rest. Lizardmen approach the camp upset that the tea was harvested.

During negotiations, it is understood that the disturbance started to occur after the Lizardmen stopped feeding the bonfire at the fort. The bonfire was sitting within the pit that leads under the fort… which is what the crew was going to take care of after session one. After the reminder of it’s existence, the crew prepares to delve within and tackle the threat to the crew’s peaceful sleep.

No one wonders if this too is all part of Tenjo-Kai’s dream.


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