All who can here my voice, know that on this day, this Dosanbe, the third day of Flotoush, in the year 2493 of the Zalamiri Imperial Calendar, it is declared that all citizens of the Empire are free to explore and colonize lands of the Hiquts Rill on the continent of Areiyistis. Any lands that you claim will be claimed also in the name of Vadik Zalamir, fourth of His Name, Emperor Beneficent.

Go Forth! For Glory! For Empire!

The year is 2493 I.C. Naval hostilities with Flenouwaye pirates and Baerish privateers have ceased after two years of almost constant patrols and combat, and a 7-year long storm season of the Cycladine Ocean has ebbed. The Zalamiri Emperor has chosen now to issue and edict authorizing colonization in a heretofore unexplored section of southern Areiyistis.

Now, merchant guilds, mining companies, and religious organizations are rushing to explore and colonize the drainage basin for the Hiquts Rill, occupying the middle and southern portions of the western coast of the lush continent of Areiystis. This land is rumored to be rich in unusual resources, the birthplace of dragons, and potentially home to a mysterious temple that one Zalamiri faith believes is connected to the Realms of Existence.

You will play explorers, miners, merchants, native guides, relic hunters, missionaries, etc. You will be tasked to explore upriver, pacify any native threats, gather resources and relics, encourage settlement and development, and, in a nutshell, nation-build.

This will be a long story arc, possibly multi-generational, with plenty of downtime for crafting, side-quests, etc.

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Colony Tracking: New Salam Westgate